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  1. I recreated the issue with a simple project using ext 4.2.2. Here it is.


    The issue is when I use a FieldContainer with an absolute layout.

    concerning my test project, I created...
  2. I still have the issue in 4.2.2

    the simple example I provided Sencha was fixed by the update of 4.2.2. But I updated my big project to 4.2.2 and the alignment is still bad. I'll see if I can...
  3. I was a bit too quick in saying that was the cause... I still have the issue with the bad left alignment of fields, inside FieldContainer with absolute layout .

    I have been digging in the sencha...
  4. Hi,
    I found the issue for this, I think it should be include in a future fix. The Architect editor let you empty the value of fieldLabel of the FieldContainer, but the fieldLabel config stays in the...
  5. Good! Thanks for the tip burnnat!
  6. Hi
    When/where can we get sencha cmd 4.0.1 or the fix for this issue?
  7. I have the same issue with 4.2.2 and IE8
  8. Ext JS 4.2.x

    I'm on a column type Number.... and I realize that the type of column seems to be the problem. It works on a default column and checkbox type... but not the numeric type or date.

  9. Hi
    I'm using architect 2.2.3 build 1044 and I cannot find the renderer of my column in the Architect.

    Was it added and if so I do I get to it?
  10. Thanks Scott,
    I was unaware of this, that is exactly what I was searching for.
  11. Hi
    I'm trying to query the textfields only, not the datefield, textarea, etc... but it doesn't seem to work. If I drop a textfield and a datefield inside a window and I query the textfield... the...
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    sounds good! thanks for the info!
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    I have created a bug report for Architect 2. It doesn't seem to be a normal behavior.
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    REQUIRED INFORMATIONArchitect Build tested:

    v2.2.2. Build: 991
    Project Type:

    ExtJS 4.2.x

    Column that have nested header cannot have SummaryType specified. It looks like...
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    if the same thing happen to you, just remove the nested header from its parent, add the summary, and put it back in.
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    That might not be an issue after all.. maybe just an Architect glitch.

    I couldn't see the summaryType for nested column, so I tried to remove the nested header and then add the...
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    I have a grid with some nested headers, and I'm trying to add summary to my grid. It works well with normal columns but I can't do it for columns that have nested header (see my screenshot to...
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    here's an simple example of a mixin I created:

    @mixin sms-label-ui(

    Ext version tested:

    Ext 4.2.x (the one used by architect 2.2.2 build 991)
    Browser versions tested against:
  20. I also have the same issue,

    I'm trying to make a simple Architect project that contain only a datefield, and I am not able to bind a function on the datepicker Done button, even if the editor...
  21. thanks!
  22. Sounds great! thanks for the reply!
  23. Anytime I re-open a project I loose my indents in my functions, but only if I do not use the curly brackets.

    I'm using Architect 2.2.2 build 991 on a Win7 64 bits

    if (x < 0)
  24. Would you consider putting this as a project settings, to be able to specify the exact library used by the project.

    We can't expect people to modify form based on a different rendering... if 4.2.0...
  25. I assume this is because my project is compile using 4.2.0 and architect is using 4.2.1. But the architect doesn't leave me the option of choosing.

    in architect, the app.html file is using...
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