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  1. I may have spoke too soon. Sometimes this works, sometimes it doesn't.
  2. The orientation event does not fire. I solved the problem by setting
    window.plugins.childBrowser.onClose = function() {
    viewport.setSize(window.innerWidth, window.innerHeight);
    }; (this...
  3. I'm using PhoneGap's ChildBrowser plugin and Touch 1.x to open a .pdf on iPad without really leaving my app. When the user changes orientation and presses 'done', returning to the app, the app does...
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    I will be solving this problem by running my project inside PhoneGap; on iPhone I will use the subbrowser plugin, and on Android I will save the PDF to temporary storage and fire an intent to launch...
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    Can you provide a complete runnable script? How does it appear now?
  6. I am not aware of a workaround for the choppiness. My workaround merely ensures that the image is completely drawn when the choppy scrolling animation is done, instead of showing the background...
  7. You can use (orientation:portrait) and (orientation:landscape) media queries to style your images at least. I'm not sure about updating the layout, but the orientation change event may only get sent...
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    I tried this too. On the iDevices it is possible to render a PDF inside an <iframe> or in an <object> tag etc. Unfortunately, it is really slow, slow enough that I did not bother figuring out how to...
  9. Wanted to share my workaround for the brief white flash seen between seeing a loading screen and rendering the app.

    The iOS starting screens are all white .png and the real starting screen...
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    Also a problem on the EEE Pad Transformer with Android 3.1. I posted a workaround in the community support forum forcing a redraw by doing a 1px transform 1ms after the transition ends and then...
  11. I've noticed that a carousel full of 100% width <img> tabs looks awful while animating on a 3.1 Honeycomb eee pad transformer, and when it stops the image may not be completely rendered.
  12. You can at least add an orientationChange listener to the root (topmost) panel. It is called every time the screen changes size with arguments (event, orientation, width, height)
  13. Turns out the orientation change event (sent for every resize, not just for orientation changes) is only sent to the top panel, so I can listen to it there and call setSize on the aspect-constrained...
  14. How do I make a panel maintain its aspect ratio? I would like a function to set the height whenever the width changes. I set the width to a function as suggested for Ext 3 but that does not work, and...
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    I'm using this code to get the width at the moment.

    var container = Ext.get(;
    var lastChild = new...
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    I'm doing the following to get a horizontally scrolling list, but I have to enclose the wide 'Thumbscroll' element inside a horizontally scrolling panel, and I have to set the width manually. It...
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