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  1. Your site appears to be down?
  2. Anyone...Bueller?
  3. I'm adding 2 toolbars to the tbar config of a GridPanel. When I add the 2nd toolbar, my horizontal scrollbars disappear from the grid. If I reduce my browser size, the scrollbar appears. Calling...
  4. Solved. I'm loading the grid into a TabPanel. I moved the 2nd toolbar creation code after my TabPanel.add(grid) and it worked. Didn't need to call syncSize(). I'm sure it's a timing issue with the...
  5. Trying to add a 2nd Toolbar to a GridPanel, which seems pretty straight forward. When I render the 2nd Toolbar to the grid, only the 1st Toolbar is displayed. If I call grid.syncSize() I get the...
  6. Keep us posted on your Ext and WCF progress. I'll be posting our WCF successes in the Ext forums as well.
  7. Great info. Did you find the Response.Write examples within the Ext forums? I would be interested in your progress if you take this project further. I've found WCF to be lean and mean, however, I'm...
  8. Nice example. I love the separation MVC gives us, however, it seems to me that there's unecessary overhead when using .aspx pages for JSON responses, particlarly the execution of the built...
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    What type of errors are you getting? Be sure to run application under you local web server, i.e. http://localhost/wcf.html

    UPDATE 1: I have noticed an error that only occurs in Internet Explorer. ...
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    @ykarj - did you get any feedback on the single object issue? I am also running into the same problem.

    To anyone interested in running this example, I've attached a working, download-able VS2008...
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    If the grid didn't require toolbar content, couldn't you add the form to the tbar region of the grid?

    tbar: [new FormPanel...]
  12. I've got a TabPanel that has tabs added to it via Ajax calls to .js files. After a new tab is created, I call setActiveTab() to display the new tab's content. I only want to call setActiveTab() once...
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    Have a look at this grid filter plug-in
  14. @mattl - great question. I've been following the module pattern myself with reasonable success during the learning process, however, it would be nice to get some feedback from some of the more...
  15. Off-topic - I'm curious what theme you're using in your screenshot? Nice...
  16. @rob - I'm curious how you've separated your layout and grid code from your main page. Would you mind posting an example? I haven't found much in the forums regarding best practices for structing Ext...
  17. Adding the config item "viewConfig:{forceFit:true}" to the grid did the trick for me. Hope this helps.

    var grid = new Ext.grid.EditorGridPanel({
    store: yourDataStore,
  18. Man I'm a numb skull:

    navPanel.getPanel().body.on('mousedown', navPanel.doAction, null, {delegate:'a'});

    did the trick.
  19. I'm attempting to structure my Ext code a little better using some encapsulation examples I've found in the forum. After creating a local instance of Ext.Panel, I get the following error when...
  20. I'm looking for a way to dynamically generate toolbar menus and submemus containing checkboxes...possibly via JSON. I've looked into the Menu API and forums without much luck. I'm currently adding...
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    @dejohns2 - I also have a need for a similar filtering system. I'm curious if you were able to (1) get the filter buttons to display without mouseover[ing] them, and (2) my grid is inside a maximized...
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    @cerad, i hope you continue work on your wiki and it picks up some steam. this would have been helpful for me starting out.
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    I am having this same issue with an EditorGridPanel in Ext2.0. Were you able to solve the problem?
  24. @fermo111: I'm using "dynamic" code myself during the learning process, and while it might be newbie overkill on my part, I'm able to debug the code. My layout sounds somewhat similar to yours. I...
  25. Didn't get much feedback I added a <div/> in the HTML fragment that I'm autoLoad[ing] and I renderTo that <div/>, which displays fine. Not my ideal approach since I've already got a Panel...
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