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  1. Hi Everyone,

    I have a sencha touch application which runs in a browser. When i try to enter some value in a textfield, the whole main container (including the tab-bar at bottom) moves upward and...
  2. The answer is given here:!/api/Ext.grid.Panel-method-setLoading
    See in the comment section of the method setLoading().

  3. Hi all,

    I have an infinite-scroller grid, which has new bunch of data after every 10 seconds. If the user is looking at some rows at this grid, it will lost the previous position when new chunk of...
  4. Hi, I want to know is there any scroll up and down events available in extjs grid panels? I have to perform different operations when grid scrolls down and up, and I could not find any such thing in...
  5. Hi everyone,

    I have been searching on the forum for long for the solution of this issue but in vain. Any help would be appreciated.
    I have a datefield and I want to change the default date of...
  6. I cant make it work; its throwing following error "Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property '' of undefined" in this line
    p.value=!Ext.isEmpty([]) ?[] : ''; "
    I want to...
  7. Thanks a lot JC :) it worked for me.
  8. Hies, I am using extjs 3.2.1, I am having this error when i run my application from another server,
    "Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'type' of null in ext-all-debug.js line 26274"
  9. Thanks a lot hardik :) it worked for me.
  10. see this
  11. I am also stuck in this issue. Can somebody suggest a solution please?
  12. textfieldxtype is my own xtype.
  13. Alas! Its not working.
    During the message box appears. At back select event fires and my fieldsets show up before i select yes or no in message box.
  14. Good morning!

    I have a combo, on its select event i have showed some fieldsets on the basis of the record selected (Initially these fieldsets are hidden). Here is the code...

    select :...
  15. I am still stuck in this problem. Can anyone kindly help me?
    Any suggestion condor and animal?
    I shall be very thankful.
  16. Hello,
    I am having some problem in using tooltip in my application. Code is like...

    new Ext.FormPanel({
    autoScroll: true,
    border: false,
    title: 'Form',
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    I am using many small ones. I also tried to use the 'change' event.
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    Would simple 'click' would be good? or is there anything better to use?
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    Good morning everyone!

    I have nineteen form panels in one card, and every form panel has a fieldset with multiple form fields (textboxes, radios, checkboxes, combos). I load the data in these...
  20. Yes you are right... I would do that. Thanks :)
  21. Thanks Condor,
    by the way i did this and its working fine for me.

    var store = Ext.getCmp('Grid').getStore();
    store.load.defer(2500, store);
  22. problem solved...
  23. I have 19 fieldsets, which are collapsed = true. I expand and add data in them and submit it. After submitting data, they stay expanded... I want them to collapse when data is submitted. I used...
  24. Hello,
    I have a grid on west of border layout and a card wizard layout on center of the panel. In center i have form fields. when i submit data (after clicking on submit button), i want grid on west...
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    Thanks condor :)
    I was trying to write my own cls, but that was not such good effect.
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