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    Thanks it works!
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    Hi Farish,

    I tried the code above, but it does not work unfortunately.
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    Hi All,

    I am using a grid and retreiving data from my MySQL database. So i have a column called costprice (shown) and alternate_price field (which is hidden). I am currently using usMoney format...
  4. I found this vtype that works and solved my issue, which i feel others might find it useful?

    var positivenumberTest = /(^\d\d*\.\d*$)|(^\d\d*$)|(^\.\d\d*$)/;
  5. Has anyone encountered this before?
  6. Yes, it works! Thanks!=D>
  7. Don't mean to doubt your code, but will it be able to clear the value of the combo box based on the row selected? Don't the "id_of_combobox" be unique?
  8. Anyone has a clue if this is possible? Thanks
  9. Thanks for the response.

    I will be retrieving records from the database. So some rows might already be selected on load. I only want to clear the username combo box when i select another value in...
  10. Hi All,

    I am using grid with roweditor plugin. I have 2 combo boxes called usertype and username. So based on the selection of usertype, the list of usernames will be different. On editing an...
  11. Added a screenshot, thanks!
  12. Hi All,

    I am using a grid and the roweditor plugin. I have my own custom vtype to validate for positive numbers that allows decimals as well. The value has to be >0. I tried to implement the vtype...
  13. Farish:
    Thanks, i think i will have to use your way to implement it. Thanks again for your help!
  14. Farish:
    What i was trying to say was that this method is called when the page is loaded. So if i select the row in that store.load method above, the row gets selected. This was used for testing...
  15. I tried the code above and it does not get selected. I have this store.load method and if i put the selection code provided above, it works using the id number '2048' as an example below.

    So after...
  16. Farish:
    I added that line of code and i was looking at firebug. I expanded the "data" section and the record retrieved is correct.
  17. Farish:
    Basically, this is what happens:
    1. A row is selected on master grid.
    2. Based on row on master grid selected, the slave grid loads data.
    3. New row added on slave grid - With price.
  18. Farish:
    Thanks for the response. Is it possible to place the code below outside of store_master.on('load', function(){});

    var desired_record = store_master.findRecord('id', valueOfID); ...
  19. Hi All,

    I intend to have 2 grids on one page. So one click on master grid will load something in another grid. If any change is done to some a cell in slave grid, then it will also have to update...
  20. I managed to solve the issue with this code below in my PHP file. Thanks skirtle and all!

    mysql_query('SET CHARACTER SET utf8');
  21. Farish:
    How do i do a postback to get the record based on the combo box selection? I would probably need to go back to database. Or should i use another store to store all the information and filter...
  22. Hi All,

    I am using a grid (using store1) with a combo box using store2. I would like to simulate such that when a user selects value1 in the combo box, the other fields in the row gets populated...
  23. Thanks for the response. It seems that maybe it might not be Json. I find that the output in my php from the database is already null when i use json_encode(). Maybe i need to escape the characters...
  24. Hi All,

    I am using a grid to pull out data from mysql database. I realized that names with special characters such as "Gañanita", this field will not be displayed in my grid. I suspect it is due...
  25. skirtle:
    Even fixing the missing double quote does not work. So i did this way that is pretty straightforward:

    function imgManageIcon(value, metadata, record){
    return '<a href="#"...
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