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  1. Well... found a fix by myself. Use the following code:

    var cm = new Ext.grid.CheckboxSelectionModel();
    'selectionchange': function(s)
  2. Hi,

    When using the CheckboxSelectionModel for GridPanel you get a very nice feature - check/uncheck the checkbox in the header to propagate the choice through all the rows. However what i wanted...
  3. hey all!

    thanks a lot for your responses... i have been away quite a long time and havnt been able to respond to any queries! sorry about that!

    i am happy that this post has helped and inspired...
  4. Hi,

    I have a TreeView and EditableGridPanel. The tree lists service types. The grid has a store containing services for all service types. On selecting a service type from the tree, the grid's...
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    Got it working!

    Somehow my JS file was not updated to 2.0 final. did a replace and build and all worked.
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    I am trying to render a portal (from the portal example) into a simple div. I copy-pasted the center region js code from the portal example, removed the 'region' param and tried to render the...
  7. Hi,

    I need to use a TextArea as an editor for one of the column in an EditorGridPanel. Now this is not the problem as the editor shows up properly and functions properly. The problem is how do I...
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    Hey! Good Work!

    I guess I looked at it late or maybe could not wait for someone to make this plugin!!! :))

    I noticed that readers have requested for the summary row to be fixed - I had my own...
  9. [ hijacked by @mystix -- pardon me ;) ]

    for anyone who stumbles across this thread --
    just fyi, the latest code can always be found in post #9.

    kudos still goes to @tinker for coming up with...
  10. I agree that this is weird! :-/ :-?

    Read my last comments in the thread [2.0a1] EditorGridPanel Column Headers + IE - I was able to play around with the CSS and make it work using IE Dev Toolbar...
  11. This is a different project (new start) and I am already using Ext2.0 Final. Can anyone just provide some link to an example where an Accordion Panel is applied to existing HTML?
  12. Please read above - I only was using ext-base and ext-all JS files.
  13. OK. I was using Ext2.0 Alpha - ext-all.js, ext-base.js, ext-all.css. I replaced this with the corresponding files from the final version. Still not resolved.

    More digging using IE Dev Toolbar...
  14. Hi,

    I am facing the same issue!


    Even I dug up to the same conclusion as you have - the headers of my grid (EditorGridPanel) also shift to...
  15. Hi orangehairedboy,

    I did upgrade to the final version and did some quick tests on my code before rolling back to the alpha 1 release. Thats how I got to find out the issue with the CSS class....
  16. Thanks for that Condor. I added the three lines of CSS code and replaced my Ext2.0 a1 "ext-all.js" & "ext-base.js" with the ones from the final release. Again this has not helped. However I did some...
  17. Thankx,

    Was that the only thing that fixes this? If so, can I just add it to the CSS?

    Also we are near to a deploy date and I don't want to cause any issues with other existing code but moving...
  18. My apologies...

    Here is the info:

    ext-all-debug: v2.0 Alpha 1
    ext-base: v2.0 Alpha 1
    windows xp sp2
    IE6 SP2 6.0.29/IE7 7.0.5112 Beta 1

    The issue:
  19. Hi!

    Is there any issues with displaying column headers EditorGridPanel in IE7 & IE 6? The problem is that the headers don't show up at all! Works fine in FF. In IE7 the headers come up and then...
  20. Hi,

    I am finding a weird problem with the accordion layout. I have some existing markup as follows:

    <div id="acc-ct" style="width: 200px; height: 300px">
    <div id="panel-1" class="x-panel...
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    worked like a charm for me! thanks!!!

    just a question though ... what exactly is "wmmode"?
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    I have a page with a flash component on it. I use the "" to display a message box. I have set "Ext.useShims = true;" to make the message box overlap the flash component. But...
  23. hi thejdog,

    i was facing a similar issue and had made a post (
    and i am still stuck with the "auto-complete" feature not working... can you let me...
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    I made some great progress... I am now able to properly retrieve data from the server (via my layers) and see them in the combo box - BUT - only when I have clicked on the drop-down arrow -...
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    Hey Thanks!

    That worked. But I am facing a new issue now. :(

    To move closer to the thing I really want to achieve, I moved the array to the server side (I am using ASP.NET) - A simple...
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