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  1. The carousel component has the following test in the onDragEnd function

    if (Math.abs(velocity) >= 1) {

    I believe the test should be >= 0.3 and not >=1. I've tested on a bunch of iPhone and...
  2. We're also seeing this: We have a search field connected to a list, and when you filter the list down to zero items, it says "No Matching Items" but items are still visible.

    This is a problem on...
  3. This is for Sencha Touch 2.2.1

    The function SimpleListItem.updateRecord calls updateData:

    me.updateData(data || null);

    Component.updateData fires the 'updatedata' event:
  4. Replies

    Ext version tested:
    Sencha 2.2.1


    The carousel component tries to detect the velocity of the flick as one of the criteria for changing the current item....
  5. I agree that you don't want to see the loading mask on every item change. But to the best of my understanding updateStore() is used to change the entire store, in which case the mask should be...
  6. In NestedList, in the function updateStore, we see this code:

    if (newStore) {

    The line...
  7. Hi,

    I was wondering if there was an equivalent setting to

    Ext.Loader.setConfig({ disableCaching:false });

    that would only affect the Sencha library files (have them load without a cache...
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