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  2. Using a reset stylesheet was a defect that's been carried along since the origin of Ext JS.

    Removing the reset stylesheet is not related to performance.

    In general, you should be able to drop...
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    I tested your sample in 4.2 and it appears to work correctly. The following evaluates to 'true' for me.

    'str' === Ext.String.trim('str ')
  4. The following override should fix the problem. Feel free to pull out the fix and apply to main class as required.

    Ext.override(Ext.ux.grid.filter.DateFilter, {
  5. Sencha Architect is not included with Ext.NET. It would be a separate purchase directly from Sencha.

    Hope this helps answer your question.
  6. It would be good to have a possibility to set up a listener on legend item click.

    note: posted on behalf of @Daniil as he does not have permission to post/view this thread.
  7. Hi,

    Might be best to post this question in the Ext.NET forums.
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    Hi David,

    I'm not seeing those kind of load times. The MVC sample feels pretty snappy to me.

    Are you testing locally or running the online project? Which browser are you using?
  9. Set closable : false on the Window config.
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    Here's my train of thought...

    numNutz => "numbers-go-nuts"

    I added the 'z' for an extra bit of style.

    ... I'll stop now.
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    @artalat - I like it, but I made my local copy/test 1000 times more betterer by renaming it .numNutz().
  12. This might be an issue with the encoding when using JS Builder (

    Run JS Builder against the project, then compare the original \src\locale\ext-lang-ru.js...
  13. meh... the .Replace Method is probably the easiest option. Stick with that.
  14. The "\" is an escape character, so you need to escape the escape character. The following demonstrates.


    <script type="text/javascript">
    var username = '<%=...
  15. Hi dbassett74,

    Probably the most straightforward method of passing a value from the server-side to the client-side is by just inlining against a variable.

    <script type="text/javascript">
  16. This might help to get you started...
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    Hi maxdiable,

    The <asp:Button> fails to postback properly because the default Viewport widget moves its contents from inside the <form> to outside the form when it renders in the browser.

  18. The javascript source formatting of Visual Studio drives me nuts, so it's always one of the first things I turn off in a new install.

    I Uncheck all the options at the following location:

  19. Correct. As per the docs for the Date class:


    I don't think a function to convert a .NET format into PHP is available in the Datejs library, but it should be easy enough to write. It...
  20. There's also some helper functions in the Datejs library that might come in handy for making the conversions client-side, see

  21. Hi Chods,

    The following two methods should help with converting the format strings server-side.

    /// <summary>
    /// Accepts a Unix/PHP date string format and returns a valid .NET date format...
  22. Yes, the source code for the MVC project is available on the Google Code project which can be linked to from

    The MVC sample application is still going through constant...
  23. Yes, see

    Online demo application available at
  24. See thread at
  25. @dbassett74 - This might help, see and
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