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  1. This seems to be the general experience on Windows. There is another thread also. No output at all from the create jsb command. Hopefully this can be resolved quickly....

  2. I am having the same issue on Win7 - the command outputs ~3 blank lines and terminates without any output.
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    I second Eric's motion...
  4. That seems to have worked, thanks. The shadow is not visible over the PDF but it remains visible elsewhere. For cinsistency you are right, shadow should be disabled.

    I added this to my CSS FYI:
  5. I have the same problem. The same is also true in Safari 4.
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    Hi cmendez - excellent work. I hope your health improves, too.

    I found some issues with monthview.js (I haven't used the others yet) - The attached has some changes, which are self explanatory (I...
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    This problem still exists in ExtJS 3.2.1 and Safari 4.0.x

    Anyone on the Ext team have any ideas? You can see this issue on action here:...
  8. No didn't give any code, but make sure your GridView is, or is derived from,
  9. This helped a little:

    editor: new Ext.grid.GridEditor(new MyCustomField({
    grow: true
    }), {
    listeners: {
  10. I have a sticky problem - I hope someone will have some insight.

    I have an EditorGrid with a single editable column. The Editor is a custom field, the height if the editor is greater than the...
  11. I can reproduce the problem in FF 3.6 as well. But it seems to be specific to Acrobat, flash player does not have the same issue.

    I think it is a browser issue, and not easily overcome. In my...
  12. Ok - turns out - I am using parent id == 0 for root nodes, but the comparison to null fails in the store. SO I made this change: =...
  13. This extension looks great - but when I expand a node in my code the rows are added at the end - not under the parent node. Collapsing the node removes them, but they remain at the end of the table,...
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    On Ext 3.1.1 - I recommend the following changes:

    Surround the fields updates with beginEdit/endEdit:

    ,updateRecord:function() {
    // loop...
  15. FYI this applies to IE8 also - haven't tried older versions in a while, but my recollection is that the fix didn't break anything in IE6.
  16. A test case is attached. This test makes no attempt to fix the problem. The menu is shimmed properly in FF, but not in IE.


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    This is not an MIF problem. This is an old problem with Ext. See this thread:
    I am still using this fix in Ext3.1.1 - but the css changes are no...
  18. Thanks Doug -

    The proposed change looks great.

  19. I am doing as you suggest. Shimming is working in other browsers, just not in Safari or WebKit. I used your ux.Media PDF demo with the shimmed floating window and the behavior is the same as my app....
  20. Mine looks like this:

    Ext.apply($JIT.depends, {
    'Ext.ux.grid.CellActions.css' : { path: ux }
    ,'Ext.ux.grid.CellActions.js' : { path: ux, depends: [...
  21. Hi Doug,

    I was testing my app in Safari/Webkit - I found that embedded PDFs (the media I need to use) do not shim on Webkit/Safari4. I tried your demo as well in Safari and the shimmed...
  22. I did this:

    if (Ext.version >= '3.0')
    this.editable = false;
    this.readOnly = true;
  23. The second line should be:

    tradeSchedulePanel.on('flexinit', this.customFlexInit, this);
    See if that helps.

  24. Yes I see what you mean. Even with the change, the chain stops when it hits a css resource. I am using extensions in my dependencies because some of my files have multiple '.' in the filename, and...
  25. Doug,

    I have found that with the default DOM method, if a .css is in the dependency chain, the loading stops with the .css and the callback or onClassAvailable is never called.

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