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  1. Thank you for answer. I will ask from them :)
  2. And second, I see that application calls Ajax store 5 times during initialization. Is it normal?
  3. Hi guys :)

    I have a problem. I changed datastore(in-Memory) of sample Scheduler (Calendar) demo to Ajax-store, I changed CalendarMappings properly, so store is loaded with right records I can see...
  4. Good night :) I have problem only in Chrome with LiveSearchGridPanel. In my controller I just do simple create operation. But after creating new record Panel does not refresh :( I need my records on...
  5. Yes! Thank you so much! :D
  6. I have little problem :( Did not find solution yet. My user interface has Check Tree for controlling opened tabs( hide/show them oh check/uncheck). For navigation on tabs I use Check Tree itemclick...
  7. :) Answers:
    - extjs 4.1.1
    - yes I have, but I removed it and nothing changed
    - yes, online example works fine, and example in package too
    - yes, it happens in all browsers
    - yes, it still...
  8. Hello :)
    Please, help me with such damn problem. I don't know why, but my Row Editor looks like that. I have all .css in place. There must be something elementary, but I can`t find it yet :( Maybe...
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    Many thanks! I found my JSON :-) !!!
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    I have problem, driving me crazy :(

    First it is an editable grid (plugins: [cellEditing],) with this store (store: sql,)

    var sql = Ext.create('', { model:...
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