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  1. which remote debugger I can used? please help to guide me? thanks a lot
  2. Once you have update the index.html and how do you package your code to native? used sencha CMD to generate native app?
    actually I have used your solution to use sencha CMD generate native code...
  3. I am trying as above solution,but I am failed to start the application
    add the
    Ext.Loader.setConfig({ enabled: true, disableCaching: false }); on the first line of app.js

    add ...
  4. I have used Sencha CMD3.0 to package my native app with ST2.1, but it can be runing smoothly on Android 4.0.3 simulator, rather than android 4.0.3 real device. it always struck on start screen.
  5. Actually I have met the same problem with ST2.1 with white screen.
    so I have used you solution that removed <scriptid="microloader"...
  6. Thanks a lot, I don't think the problem with the code package. since we can work fine app on simulator but it can not on real device. android version was 4.0.3
  7. I'd like to know that when will the ST2.1.1 release? and will fixed this problem?
  8. I can provide more information that

    ST2.1 + cordova 2.2 can work on android simulator 4.0.1

    but ST2.1 + cordova 2.2 it Can Not work on android real device 4.0.1.met the blank screen. why?...
  9. I met the same problem need helps as well
  10. I met the same issue, but Sencha Dev didn't get out answser? it seems that a waiting game. hope somebody give out the solution. thanks
  11. Replies
    I have same problem once I tried to update existed record in store
  12. I met same problem but add store.load({addRecords:true}), it doesn't take effective as we expected. it.s wiping the new records
  13. I want to have this function:
    1. I have A page put in the navigationview, then A page have button click navigate to B page and add some of buttons to A page, then automatically back to A page show...
  14. I met the same problem. I used itemsingletap, it seems that page switch too slow than itemtap hopefully it can be fixed
  15. Hello, i just add a html img tag in itemTpl.

    itemTpl:'<div><img class="categoryimage" src="{thumb}"/></div>'

    this is css code:

  16. so how we can make this associations works well or do we have workaround make it works??
    Hopefully we have any solution.
  17. we have order.js model, and orderItem.js belong to order model.we will add the order into a localstorage store.we used list to retrieve the store. here is code

    order.js for model
  18. I download source code from
    it was not working for me. it suppose that I didn't find the plugin file.could someone tell me where I...
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