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    safeHtml combo box

    is there an easy away to make the ComboBox display safeHtml text.
    There seems to be support in version 3 with a SafeHtml renderer but I am using 2.5
  2. Keep the focus within a dialog while pressing TAB

    Hi I have use the gxt Dialog with several text boxes and buttons. When pressingTAB the focus goes from one to another but after the last widget it leaves the dialog and focuses on other elements...
  3. Popup does not work correctly with z-index in relative to aligned element.

    I have a popup element that is aligned to a text box top right. we have logic that decides when to show and when to hide the popup.
    textbox is contained within panel 1.

    panel 1 is contained...
  4. Hi we are using gxt2.2.5 (gwt). BTW seems that...

    we are using gxt2.2.5 (gwt).
    BTW seems that the problem was causes by a css property overflow .when removing this property the problem does not reproduce. the body had the overflow property...
  5. Help : LiveGridView Scrollbar jumps to begining in IE 9

    We have a LiveGridView with data. when scrolling in IE 9 , the scrollbar jumps back to the begining
    Any idea.
  6. LiveGridView resize doesnt update rows correctly

    we are using 2.2.5.
    we are using a livegridview within our page.
    When resizing the page , the grid size is also resized , and LiveGridView.resize() is called , but I noticed that updateRows...
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