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    3,415 is the instance of the class that... is the instance of the class that handles the security. The name of the class is Ext.ux.SecurityRenderController. The code should work withe sencha touch as well as extjs 3.x and 4.x....
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    Role based secuirty plugin

    I created a role based security plugin that renders the components based on the users roles.

    It works by looking for a roles property in the configuration object and it will also look at the...
  3. [FIXED-EXTJSIV-561][Beta 1] TabPanel Items [ null ] when items empty

    When TabPanel items is empty items gets set to items: [ null ], causing a null to be passed to isValidParent in Ext.layout.container.AbstractCard.

    Error in FireBug:

    item is null
    [Break On This...
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