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    Like this, (somewhere in your JavaScript) ...

    Like this, (somewhere in your JavaScript)

    var dp = new Ext.DatePicker();

    Somewhere in your html,
    <div id='my-datepicker'></div>
  2. Ext.form.ComboBox grow:true does not grow to match content length of options

    Setting grow to true does not seem to work. See example, here:
    uses extjs version 1.0.1a (also tested with 1.0.1 w/ same issue)

    In my...
  3. Thread: ComboBox grow...

    by Nick

    I am having the same issue. I thought that...

    I am having the same issue. I thought that "grow: true" in the config would set the comboBox to the length of the longest option it contains. However, the long option string is getting truncated.
  4. Ext.tree.MultiSelectionModel getSelectedNodes() returns duplicate nodes

    The array return by getSelectedNodes() in Ext.tree.MultiSelectionModel returns duplicate (non-unique) array of nodes. This can be reproduced by ctrl+clicking an already selected node. Each time a...
  5. Adding DOCTYPE to a page containing a TreePanel causes animation weirdness

    Adding a DOCTYPE,

    <!DOCTYPE HTML PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD HTML 4.01//EN" "">

    to the reorder.html TreePanel example causes animation of nodes to appear (briefly)...
  6. That looks great to me. I updated the original...

    That looks great to me. I updated the original example to avoid the FOR loop.
    Updated example here

    Thanks. If there are other, better...
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    This example may help... Loads tree in one shot...

    This example may help...
    Loads tree in one shot from JSON data.
  8. Creating Ext.tree.TreePanel from static JSON data in one shot

    Here's an example of an Ext tree that is created from inline (static) JSON data in one shot. This may be useful if you are not building nodes dynamically and have all the tree node data within your...
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    Bug (feature) Ext.tree.MultiSelectionModel

    On tree nodes previously selected (those that are highlighted), ctrl+click ought to deselect a previously selected node when it is ctrl+clicked again. Currently, ctrl+click does not toggle (off)...
  10. Help TreePanel, TreeLoader Error Handling (.40 alpha)

    Yui-ext users,

    In the case of loading tree nodes asynchronously, do you have examples of how you're handling errors?

    1. I would like to have a timeout in the case where the server is taking too...
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