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  1. Must every developer use the exact same verion of SenchaCmd for an app?

    We are developing a SenchaTouch app in version Today I installed version on our new build server and went to perform a sencha app build package and it returned an error saying
  2. Some questions still valid but connection issue was SSL cert acknowledgement

    The issue with my connection was acknowledgement of self signed certs in the code.

    But other questions are still valid.
  3. After further research....

    After further research.... this might not be a CORS issue. There are connection issues between a development build and a package build that are unexplained for the moment.

    However some of my...
  4. CORS behaves very differently from develop mode to package build/mode on iPad

    My Sencha app hits a REST service to get data and months ago I modified the apache server to handle the CORS access ( However it was soon clear that when running the code on...
  5. touch 2.1.1

    I am using 2.1.1
  6. Great Tool! But how far can it go?

    I love your ant build tool, saves me a ton! However if I understand it correctly it only takes me as far as creating a Xcode app for testing. (Yes, using this for IOS). I run sencha app build...
  7. Difference between package build and native build

    I cannot find a clear description of what a package build is. Native build I get, it makes an .app file that can be deployed on a iPad or iPhone or such but package build isn't so clear. It appears...
  8. Ext.Logger undefined regardless of what true or false in buildOptions in app.json

    In my code I have a line of code as such

    In "development mode" this works fine

    but when I go do do a testing build
    [CODE]sencha app build testing
  9. Issues when using sencha-touch-all.js in app.json

    currently we use sencha-touch.js in our app.json file and when using this reference viewing our app in a browser everything is fine and as expected. However if we switch to sencha-touch-all.js the...
  10. Yes, this will be a packaged app. A little...

    Yes, this will be a packaged app.

    A little more clarity please, are you saying that with Sencha Native Packaged app I will not be able to perform POST or PUT request to a Web Service because CORS...
  11. CORS referring domain when packaged natively

    I'm weeks away (due to red tape) at wrapping my app up natively with Sencha and getting it installed on a device but I have a strong concern after recently completing CORS setup on my app and that is...
  12. Replies

    This is still broken in 2.02

    I'm running 2.02 and running

    sencha package run <template name.json>

    still is hard coded to android-7 regardless of what I place in the .json file. Currently have

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