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  1. Namespace ?

    Isn't JamesGpearce example working because all its code is nicely set under the same namespace and file while my code is splitted down to 5 files ?
  2. XML for testing purpose

    I do use a 4 items XML file for testing purposes where all record are correctly defined.

    Based on this example from JamesgPearce I am trying to set the variable the other way around (as I do for...
  3. Error : record not defined BUT values are correctly displayed in Xtemplate

    Hi Mitchell,

    Thanks for your help.

    I did try this
    record.get('lat') solution but it keeps bumping "record is not defined" error. This may seem anobvious issue BUT 'lat' value is correctly...
  4. Use store data in Panel Item not only in Panel tpl

    I understood that by calling MyDetailView.Update( I send to MyDetailView and can access them in the xtemplate:

    Additionally I want to use...
  5. Double quote

    I solved it with a double quote escape
  6. Javascript issue inside Ext.Xtemplate


    Extracting data from XML I want to preprocess one before sending it as a variable to template. A stackoverflow fellow pointed me to Ext.Xtemplate and that is close to do the job.

    In each of...
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