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  1. i got my answer here : ...

    i got my answer here :
  2. EditorGrid with a BasePagingLoader : Edit the wrong row

    i have an EditorGrid filled with a BasePagingLoader like this :

    loader = new BasePagingLoader<PagingLoadResult<KeywordModel>>(new RpcProxy<PagingLoadResult<KeywordModel>>() {

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    Thank you but what do you mean by "different...

    Thank you but what do you mean by "different elements" ?
    Could you give me a sample code to illustrate that ?

    When i look into the source code in the MenuBar.class i see that method which is read...
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    Css style for menuItem

    Hello all,

    i would like to "overwrite" default css style on my menubar when i roll over my items title menu but it doesn't work with my code:

    menubar = new MenuBar();
    // menuWidget is a...
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