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  1. Extjs 4.1.3 Showing Error at Random Occasion

    I am facing real bad issues getting a mini project to run,
    It is really unpredictable. Most of the times, I get the error as : TypeError: k is undefined
    If i refresh it 10 times, it works 2-3...
  2. SplitBar inside BorderLayout does not fire listeners when dragged

    As mentioned in Javadocs, the SplitBar fires events Resize, DragStart and DragEnd when the user drags it.

    I have a...
  3. How do i iterate through the Tabitems in a TabPanel ?

    Is there any way to iterate through the TabItems in a TabPanel ?

    I have a very basic requirement to set the default selected tab item in a panel.

    while I know this is possible via:...
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    components being thrown off-screen

    Well, i have a requirement where a content panel containing two elements in its top component
    one of the elements can be shown or hidden by the user.

    I noticed that showing/ hiding an element in...
  5. Found a better solution for my problem today, I...

    Found a better solution for my problem today,
    I discovered a class called AdapterField that can be used to wrap any widget,

    Sample code:

    HorizontalPanel hp = new HorizontalPanel();
  6. sorry for the typo, you are right, i am indeed...

    sorry for the typo, you are right, i am indeed using a regular grid.

    I tried your solution and it works fine. Thanks for helping me out.
  7. thanks for the solution

    thanks for the solution , i will try it and let you know soon...
  8. note that textfield in paging toolbar is also...

    note that textfield in paging toolbar is also disabled when i use the getActivePage() method.
  9. Problem with paging toolbar when grid is refreshed

    I am using live grid in my application with a paging toolbar,
    The code runs fine with paging. I had a new requirement of resetting data within the grid.

    I do so by the following code:...
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    [CLOSED] Anchor Layout Example is incorrect

    The anchor layout example in
    does not use the AnchorLayout class at all.

    The only way its related to anchor layout is by using formlayout with an anchor spec via...
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    Newbie example for live grid

    I am totally new to GXT, I have understood the way store works,
    However, the Live grid is way over my head, I cant seem to decipher the source code available online,

    This could also be...
  12. never mind, i used a trigger field instead....

    never mind, i used a trigger field instead....
  13. Is it possible to create a Button with an image in GXT ?

    The question is plain and simple,

    I want to create a Button with an image (NOT AN "AbstractImagePrototype")

    The code will be:

    Image img = new Image("Some External Url");
    Button myButton =...
  14. A more detailed java doc required on some elements...

    It is quite essential that when making a library such as gxt,
    the developers must take care to be as detailed as possible over java docs

    Take for example a popup's show method:

  15. Textfield / combobox with a 'lookup' button in a form

    I have a simple Form with a few controls, I want to show user a text box with a small search/lookup button besides it...

    Code I have done so far:

    ContentPanel fieldsPanel = new...
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