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  1. Hi,

    for example, look at template files in Sencha Cmd directory:

  2. Hello,

    it would be nice if quotes type (either single or double) in javascript template files used by Sencha Cmd could be more consistent. Personally, I prefer single quotes.

  3. Hello,

    is it possible to turn off using images in theme when application runs on IE8/9 web browser ? I don't need any special CSS3 features that are not supported in IE8/9 - like round corners,...
  4. Same problem with 'beforeload' event...
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    Hm... OK, thanks
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    is it possible to bind component property, e.g disabled or hidden, to more than one viewmodel formula? Something like this...

    xtype: 'button',
    text: 'Edit User',
  7. Ext.override(Ext.TabPanel, {
    onItemIconChanged : function(item, iconCls, oldCls){
    var el = this.getTabEl(item);
  8. ...based on @anj code. Added support for Firefox and IE6/7/8 scrolling...

    var mouseWheelHandler = function (e) {
    var e = window.event || e,
    el =,
  9. Thanks for response, anyway, according this document ( this support is only temporary and will be stopped in...
  10. Hello,

    I want to ask if - and when - there will be implemented support for fullscreen web apps in android's chrome browser for Sencha Touch applications, as stated here:...
  11. OK, thanks for info...
  12. Ext version tested:

    Ext 5.0.0 rev 736

    Browser versions tested against:

    FF29 (firebug 29.0.1 installed)

    DOCTYPE tested against:
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    Still the same problem persists, using Sencha Touch v2.3.1... Is there some simple workaround or is Sencha team working on it? Thanks.
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    There is no easy way of using plain old PNGs as button icons in ST 2.2/2.3 ? But this is really disapointing! Or am I wrong? Please, is there some guide how to use PNG icons from pictos directory?
  15. Same error... Fortunately, this functionality can be easily replaced by pure javascript methods, but anyway...

    Please mark this bug as not fixed yet! Thanks.
  16. I can confirm too. The data are loaded but the list is not updated. I had a bug fix for version 2.2.1 that worked for me, but the code in next version changed so much... and still doesn't work.
  17. Based on @lorenzzz's code and updated to version Ext JS 4.2.2:

    Ext.define('Ext.ux.chart.series.StepLine', {

    extend: 'Ext.chart.series.Line',

    type: 'stepline',

  18. Try this:


    where 'App' is the application namespace and 'Security' is name of controller class (do not use controller id, there is a bug, you...
  19. 47169

  20. I think above is index.html file for Ext JS application, while @paulroth3d is asking how to include external files for Touch application. The two index files (ExtJs vs. Touch) are quite different.
  21. I think there is misunderstanding: in my opinion @paulroth3d is talking about index.html file generated for TOUCH framework application, while @slemmon is talking about index.html file generated for...
  22. Thank you, this is very interesting and new information to me. Anyway, I supose these special button UIs are new to Ext JS 4.2.2 release. Am I right?
  23. Thank you for your answer, but then I have one more question: if I use only some of the mixin's arguments, like you did in the previous example, what will be the values of other not used arguments?...
  24. Hi,
    my question is: when using SASS mixin to create new UI for a component (e.g. Button), are the all mixin arguments required or do I have to use all the arguments? For example, if I want to create...
  25. Please, can somebody write down simple and clear step-by-step guide of how to create new custom button UI. I have followed many guides, here in forums or else where, but none of them works, because...
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