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  1. hi guys,

    can anyone tell me the status of this implementation of proper RESTful support? So including the HATEOAS idea?


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    the stretchmax indeed fixes this issue. It felt strange to set a height on the hbox as the other column is provided a height automatically by that columns elements, so I figured that it...
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    hi guys,

    sorry for bothering you again but one way or another I seem to be missing the point with layouts in ext 3.3. I would like to accomplish the following:
  4. hi guys,

    I'm wondering if there is a way to add some kind of visual thing to show a user who is using the htmleditor or a simple textarea that a newline or carriage return is entered. In word for...
  5. Hi guys,

    "can someone please explain the motivation in moving towards TABLE layouts in 4.1 where previous ExtJS versions had clean DIV constructs?"

    if this is true this could cause serious...
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    hi guys,

    any news on the actual support of accessibility up to now for ext js?


  7. Hi guys,

    since my recent upgrade to ext4.0.5 from ext4.0.2 I've noticed that the combos which are not given a fixed width are causing layout problems with the trigger icon. it seems that ext...
  8. seems this problem is not just related to validation erros only, but to all components from which content is updated. So if I have a gridpanel with collapsible: true and the content of the grid is...
  9. Hi guys,

    I ran in to this problem once I've upgraded from 4.0.1 to 4.0.2a. Although not the best solution I've added a viewConfig option with loadMask: false to work around this issue. That seems...
  10. Hi guys,

    I've noticed strange behaviour that wasn't around in previous versions with a form that has elements which have validation errors. If the allowblank: false validation fails a message is...
  11. Hi guys,

    One of the things I love in Ext4 is the use of the abstractcontainers methods up and down. I just got really scared when I searched the new 4.0.1 api docs and couldn't find these methods...
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    hi guys,

    in ext3 I've used an override of the formlayout to adjust fieldlabels which have the config option allowBlank to be prefixed with an asterisk. This asterisks lets the user now that the...
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    hi all,

    just a simple question from which I couldn't find the answer in the docs. If i set up my index page where I specify the ext library, I am able to add the bootstrap as well as the ext-all...
  15. Hi guys,

    I try to initialize a combobox with a selected value. According to the docs I have to use setValue so that is wat I do. The result of setting the value is that the combobox does select...
  16. hi everyone,

    I have a container that renders one or two of the same comboboxes very well. However if I add a third one, I get all kinds of errors like:

    reader is undefined...
  17. Hi stuchy,

    it is indeed awkward that a combobox would neglect that mapping. In ext 3 that mapping worked great, never thought that it would be that hard, or impossible, to solve such model...
  18. Hi all,

    I've not stopped looking into this problem and came up with an example. I hope this helps making things more clearer. I've used the model setup from the blog...
  19. Hi all,

    I've spent some time working on a combobox that uses a model that should be able to cope with the following json stream I've added below. In my example the data is processed by the model...
  20. hi guys,

    sorry to bother you again about this topic, but I'm having problems setting config options during the definition of an xtype. For example I have the following code:


  21. Hi Westy,

    thanks for the reply. I've changed it to titleText and then did getTitleText() as title defined as config option on the formpanel did not work in combination with getTitle()

  22. Hi all,

    I'm wondering if I've encountered a bug or a fault on my side. I have the following setup:

    |____ container
    | |___ radiogroup
    |____ panel
  23. Hi,

    I'm trying to achieve the same thing: set the title by using getTitle. In Beta 2 I get this error message:

    me.dockedItems is undefined me.dockedItems.insert(pos + i, item);

    this is the...
  24. hi,

    I'm finding it rather strange that there isn't an option for it. Especially as almost every widget is based on json. I also used the ajax.request in 3.x but I hoped that it would at least be...
  25. hi everyone,

    I'm wondering what is the best way to submit the data on a form in a way that would send a json stream to the server. I've tried and looked at the examples but could not figure out a...
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