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    I'm just wondering if it's possible to use letters as controls in the Ext JS Grid.

    For instance if I select a row in the grid, the press 'r', it will jump to the next record beginning with 'r'.
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    thanks for the reply fay. I have done that but I guess the code I'm using to override is not right.

    Like I mentioned before, I want to set a maxHeight when autoHeight = true.
    So when there are a...
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    I've been tearing my hair out on this, and it's probably really simple, but where do I put my override code?

    I have this code which overrides a function in GridView to allow autoHeight and...
  4. I managed to find a workaround, for anyone that wants to know, here's how I did it:

    - I created a div around my combobox and gave it an id.
    - I then found the exact css in ext-all.css that is...
  5. I can't find much info on the cls config, could you explain it a little further please?
  6. Maybe because I am transforming my combobox.
    Here is a simplified example:

    <script type="text/javascript">
    var convertedPhyCountries = new...
  7. Thanks for your reply 'd4h0nk', but this would return the component Id - i.e. phyTerritoryCombo in my case.
    I need a way to return ext-gen84 as found in the <input> tag of the generated code.
  8. Is it possible to retrieve the generated id of an Ext Js object?
    Or can I set this generated id before-hand?

    I want to change the border color of my combobox at run time, the combo box is made...
  9. This is exactly what I want, thanks!

    I changed the RequestMethod in my controller to POST as to send the value across.

    Yet another Ext Js problem solved, thanks again 'kembuco'.
  10. Thanks for your reply,
    I've had a read around about setBaseParam and am not completely sure if it can be used for my problem, so if you could help me answer a couple of questions, that would be...
  11. Hi, I will try and explain my problem as best as possible, so here goes...

    Inside my js file to create and config the grid, I have the following proxy:

    var materialsProxy = new...
  12. no worries I just sorted it by 'id' as default,
    so the user has to sort the columns manually again after adding a record.
  13. Thanks 'friend' you've really helped me out here...

    It seems there's a logical issue that I've come across though.

    the if else if statement I posted is for 'add' and 'update',

    - if you add a...
  14. legend! it works!
    except i used 'store.find' rather than ''
    (shouldn't make a difference though, right?)

    var rowIndex = store.find('id', id);
  15. Hi, my aim is to select a row in the grid (and focus on the row), based on the 'egId' value in a (plain HTML) textbox.

    for instance if the 'egId' value = 10
    then I would like the record in the...
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