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  1. I don't see require there, but nevermind. I'll just "blindly" use require. ))

    Thank you!
  2. But how is it loaded in Sencha's MVC example (extjs\examples\app\simple\)?
  3. Thank you, it works. Just one detail I still don't understand:

    Ext.require('ikhtml.model.User'); // it works only if I add this line to module.

    var usersStore =...
  4. Hello guys,

    For some reason I'd like to control CRUD actions for my objects by myself using, for example manual

    So, let's assume I have User model and some method that...
  5. I tried using namespace but without success:


    How I decided to move on:

  6. I see. Thank you very much.
  7. Let's imagine that I have deep namespaces. I don't like using them all throughout the application.
    Currently the only nice way to workaround it I found is alternateClassName. But you don't recommend...
  8. Let's imagine the following case:

    Ext.define('app.longNamespace1.longNamespace2.longNamespace3.utils.log.consoleLogger', {
    singleton: true,
    alternateClassName: 'consoleLogger',

  9. But is it recommended by "standards"? It's ok for me, but what if I work in a team - is it "usually" used?

    And what is the difference between alias and alternateClassName?

    Thank you.
  10. Sorry, but I'll disagree.

    Controllers have clearly defined role in MVC. My window manager is not a controller, it's class. I wouldn't like adding mess to application just to get single reference.
  11. Yes. The problem is not in loading viewport itself but in loading additional xtypes - layouts and tabpanels.
    Please work on your references.

    See console to check real reasons! I used chrome's...
  12. Hello guys,

    Sorry for kind of a stupid question, but I believe that anybody of you can answer in 10 seconds while I haven't figured answer yet in 25 minutes :).

    I have singleton class and I...
  13. Hello gyus,

    Are there any commonly used recommendations on using alternateClassName?
    Is it good practice?

    And what is the difference between "alternateClassName" and "alias"?

    Thank you.
  14. Hi,

    Nice way of communication between controllers is firing/listening application-level events.

    E.g. I have controller 1 and controller 2. I want controller 2 to do something if something...
  15. Much thanks! Now I have what to choose from :)
  16. Thank you, it's what I was thinking but you made it clear.

    And what is "right" way to check whether window is really closed if my reference is still alive?


    var win =...
  17. Hi guys

    Still playing with this. Got the second similar issue with another form. When I close form, reference to it is still defined and contains info that "was actual". However, I'd expect it to...
  18. Cool, thanks. I've looked through layout managers but missed to check window itself...
  19. Did you put your viewport file to js_app/view/Viewport.js? This is the folder/file where ExtJS will look for it.
  20. what exactly would you like to get?
  21. Hi guys,

    One more question please:

    THere's a window with vbox layout. When I set its size to 120, it's created with much bigger size (about 200-250). I can set 120 only if I set minWidth: 120....
  22. Hi guys,

    Issue: I'm closing form (I didn't define closeAction, hence it's default - 'destroy') but it's not destroyed.

    Code for creating/destroying on clicking login/logout buttons:

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    Hi all,

    Within the last few days I've read number of ExtJS MVC discussions. Looks like this topic is fresh and hot. I believe Sencha will come up with really strong MVC improvements in next...
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    Got a workaround. However, I'm not happy with it - it's ugly.

    On Controller Init:

    init: function ()
    'desktop': {
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    Your example works for me. However, the same one using MVC - doesn't.

    Here are all parts:

    1. Index.htm

    <script src="extjs/ext-debug.js"></script>
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