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  1. I find a solution in the forum :

    Do an override of the list menu:

    show : function () {
    var lastArgs = null;
  2. Hello,

    Yes it is :

    callback: function(records, operation, success) {
    scope: this
  3. Hello,

    I use Ext 4.1.1.

    I don't understand why my list menu ins't populated?


    Here are my stores :
  4. Hello,

    Could you give your solution I am interested...

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    Thanks a lot Brian, that's better now.

    I have an other problem, chart is well displayed in Firefox, but in IE 8, I have this error :

    Message : 'this.chart.series' is Null isn't an object....
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    You can use something like this for your store :

    var proxy_contact = new{
    url: 'Mysql_Call.php?table=contact&idkey=id_contact',
    method: 'POST'
  7. What is unfortunate is that the animation works for the width but not for the height.

    It is curious that no one seen this before ?

    Animal, you write : "To set the height of a BoxComponent,...
  8. I have the same result, I add doLayout too, but it's not better.

    If we do first : pnl.setWidth(100); and pnl.setHeight(100); the animation of the second button don't do nothing after !

  9. Thank you a lot Animal,

    That's solved, without el element :


  10. Thank you Jaisu,

    I tried all combinations with autoHeight:true or false - height:50 or 'auto' nothing change...

    The height retains its original size.

  11. Hello,

    I don't understand why, when I use my buttons width is changed, but not the height ?

    Ext.onReady(function() {

    var viewport = new Ext.Viewport({
    layout: 'absolute',
  12. Maybe for you the solution is trivial, but, apart the solution I've found (that is not satisfactory), I do not see how to put multiple Ext element in the same cell of a grid...
  13. Yes Animal, I saw the thread, but how can I display many Ext element like a textfield and a progressbar in the same cell ?
  14. Thanks a lot Animal,

    My difficulties stem from the fact that I placed the progressbar in the second row of a column that does not match its dataIndex. To get there, I use a function in the...
  15. Hello,

    I found that the memory grow was do by firebug.

    Now, I don't find how I can solve the "InsertAdjacentHTML that is Null" in IE ?

  16. Hello,

    I found a way to display a progress bar in a grid, but it is inflated memory use of browsers and it generate an error in IE with InsertAdjacentHTML that is Null.

    Also, if someone have a...
  17. The solution :

    var columns_projet = [
    {header: "Titre", width: 200, sortable: true, dataIndex: 'nom_projet', renderer: function(value, meta, record, row, col,...
  18. Hello,

    I use a ProgressBar in a grid that display well, but how set the value ?

    I have tried that (but don't change nothing...):

    var columns_projet = [
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    Thank's a lot Condor, I thought that there is perhaps a solution without modifying css file...

    In anyway tank you very much Condor,

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    I tried to display the title of fieldset red.

    If I put color:'red', the title color isn't changed, but font color of the inner fieldset is changed :

    {xtype: 'fieldset', title:...
  21. I changed the title...
  22. I use a store that is not bound to a form or grid.

    If I edit a data directly in the store, how to push the change on the server ?

    I tried several things that do not work, with firebug nothing...
  23. Finaly, it's not a specific Ext logic, but the javascript logic :

    //return (r.get('id_projet_demande') == 1 ||...
  24. Hello,

    How can I use the NOT condition (like ! in php) ?

    return r.get('id_projet_demande') !> 0;
    });related issue : How to...
  25. I found the solution :


    var proxy = new{
    url: 'Mysql_Call.php?table=demande&idkey=id_demande',
    method: 'POST'
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