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  1. I ended up writing a convert function for the date field we wanted to default to new Date():

    name: 'mrr',
    persist: false,
    type: 'date',
    convert: function(v, rec) {
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    At the documentation of class Ext.selection.Model!/api/Ext.selection.Model-cfg-pruneRemoved it reads:
    Important: When using paging or a...
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    I am looking at and trying to figure out why there I don't see the problem, what is different.
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    Looking at where class Ext.view.AbstractView method refresh calls class Ext.selection.Model method pruneIf.

    In pruneIf there is a call to class Ext.selection.Model method getStoreRecord which...
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    Two more facts:

    It doesn't matter how many (how few) rows there are in the store, even if there is only five rows (and room for fifteen) it crashes the same way.

    Before selecting any row it...
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    Also getting

    Uncaught getById called for ID that is not present in local cache

    when clicking header to sort by a different column of grid which is backed by buffered...
  7. Until / in case I don't get to it:

    In a notifyDrop put a mask on the viewport (i.e. the top component or container, the whole app) (could make it say "Bye...") and see how "right afterwards,...
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    Also want to do multi-page application with Sencha Architect. Looking for writing on this topic.

    Looking for positive confirmation someone has done this with Sencha Architect 3.0 and Ext JS 4.2....
  9. Observed with Ext With a verified workaround.


    Our drop causes "important" model change,
    we want to wait until confirmed from server (model save with Ext Direct)...
  10. I am hereby confirming this appears to be fixed since ext- from 20140218.
  11. Nice. Thx for pointing that out!
  12. That boxready event is documented. But there is an onBoxReady method in class Ext.AbstractComponent that isn't document and being used (overridden and called by this.callParent(arguments);) in...
  13. At!/example/build/KitchenSink/ext-theme-neptune/ Drag & Drop Grid to Form in class KitchenSink.view.dd.GridToForm there it makes use of method onBoxReady....
  14. NOT a bug. Was running 4.2.2. Root cause fixed since 280557. Sorry for false alarm.

    Because of thread 281415 I am running ext- aka 20140218-beta.

    Didn't change anything else in our...
  15. I'd say what these have in common is use of Ext Direct and causing changes between 4.2.2 and 4.2.3. Also true for my report in thread 280557.

    I am not convinced (yet) they're any deeper...
  16. Happened between 4.2.2 and current 4.2.3 pre-release.

    Form submit (at least one we have with file upload) quietly fails, progress bar keeps spinning.

    Investigation in debugger shows in class...
  17. Seen in Ext JS 4.2.3 beta. But also verified in Sencha made example KitchenSink.view.dd.GridToForm wit Ext JS 4.2.1.

    In my code it is a problem because we want to use data.records to indicate...
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    Still bothers me. Cannot see what I am trying to find, highlighting color is so weak.

    Very much dislike this.
  19. In Sencha Architect 3.0.2 if we enter for a model field defaultValue:

    new Date()

    we get in the class a string:

    defaultValue: 'new Date()'
  20. Am confirming this is working much better now with nightly build ext-4.2.3-20140130-beta.

    Quite impressed with your rapid turnaround to get this fix in!
  21. In ExtJS 4.2.2 class method doRequest erroneously does not return the request.

    Easy to fix: Insert a

    return request;

    as last line of that method.

    This is needed...
  22. Solved: With the Application selected in the Project Inspector then with the Config panel I + created a Function named init with one parameter named application, complying with API of...
  23. I'd put a call to

    Ext.state.Manager.setProvider(new Ext.state.LocalStorageProvider());

    into the application's launch before the

  24. Using Ext JS 4.2.2, Sencha Architect 3.0.2, Sencha Cmd

    Splitter just wasn't working. No special cursor, no highlight color, and didn't drag. Hours of frustration and experiments.
  25. My bad, partially.

    I was one level to high up in the directory tree.

    cd into correct directory before running sencha command line tool got me further. Still issues, but at least real error...
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