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  1. The problem is that IIS does not have a mime type defined for .json. So app.json does not and fires a 404.3 with some iis error text about no mime type defined. Go into IIS manager, click Mime...
  2. Same problem here. The Sencha Touch progress indicator, the three dots, never stops. Clearly the app has started and it is not a problem with the bindings, because this dots are the sencha touch...
  3. I have the same problem with the indexBar after using the list scrolling work around. Can someone at Sencha look into this?
  4. The solutions given here work for the scrolling, but then the indexBar vanishes.
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    tabBar: { layout: { pack: 'center' } }
  6. tabBar: { layout: { pack: 'center' } }
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    Hello All,

    I'm new to SenchaTouch and going through the Lists demo. That shows a list being created with a class="contact" in the itemTpl's div. Where can I find the list of classes that...
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