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  1. Best if you use ViewController events trough the Event Domain, example here:
  2. In your viewmodel:

    formulas: {
    extraParams: {
    bind: '{properties}',
    get: function() {
    return {
    code: this.get('properties.code'),
  3. I would bind the extraParams
  4. You should avoid binding your stores into a formula, and with deep: true. That's not a correct approach. The correct approach is to bind the data which is in the Store - this also will fix your...
  5. You can only bind properties/config defined within the config property which is managed by the Ext.Config class, so that the Bindable mixin can have a getter and setter to handle properly config's...
  6. Seems that destroying a binding in order to deactivate/disable it then re-creating again calls the callback even if the data hasn't changed, which is still an issue, found a way so far how to...
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    Lately I've been seeing History Bar in the docs, so that's an alternative solution to the tabs, imo it's ok, thanks Sencha for quick reaction.
  8. Hmmm, can't understand it's says that was fixed in EXTJS-21835 in 5.1.4, but the bug is in v 6.x, why is that ? :D or you fixed in 5.1.4 and will be merged in 6.2.x also ?
  9. I've been playing with cacheConfigs in Ext 6.0.2/6.2.0 and noticed something odd which imo shouldn't happen.
    Check in this fiddle:

    With this configuration:...
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    @dongryphon yes, the documentation correctness should be high priority. Thought we could have a smoother transition.

    We can use browser tabs but that would mean to open them in an independent...
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    Would be great if the old version of docs would support also the latest release, so those who like the tabs can use it. We really like the Tabs, please bring them back :)))
  12. Experimenting with enabling/disabling bindings in tabs, and with lazy configs.
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    Hey Mitch,

    Yes, that's the one, besides that fiddler is very slow I'm sure it can run faster.

    Also some other links:...
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    "sadpandaface" Getting back after 1 year since I last coded ExtJS based projects, and realize this myself ( you know, about this thread title :))) ). Posted 1 bug, 1 question, 1 feature request, a...
  15. Wondering why we have this behavior:
  16. I've been diving trough the ViewModels and related classes to find a suitable solution on disabling/enabling bindings checking when needed, but couldn't find anything, except for the custom ones...
  17. Oh, right. But still wondering if is the right behavior cause besides creating and selecting the new one, is selecting the one matched also, which may not be wanted.
  18. I just tried the Tag Field in Kitchensink with the Keyboard and it seems that is selecting also the typed letters. See attached...
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    I've down voted your comment because imo you are not correct. I've used ST in the past with NVD3 and it was super easy, from the element to the data and stores, a small reference you can find here,...
  20. Yes you can do it with " var node = me.getView().getNode(record);" also.
    I'm not sure why are you setting up that html, but a better alternative it might be to use...
  21. Tab panels by default have only!/api/ I've not seen anything for lazy instantiation
  22. By looking at code should work for 5.1 also
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    Any news on source map generation ?
  24. I would be interested too in finding an easy automated process for all Ext 4/5, ST2. Investigating now the field.
  25. I think you can get the rendered records with grid.getView().getViewRange()
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