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  1. Well, it all works fine when building it in test mode, so I suppose all is fine. it's inside the window that the button that I press is triggering the event, so it should be there. Or are there...
  2. Hi, when I build my app for a "test" environment, all works fine, but when I build the same project for Production, I get the following error
    Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'down' of...
  3. I realize it works if you don't set a title attribute.
    The issue is that it does not work when the title attribute is set. To me that looks like undesired behavior.

    Not setting a title is a...
  4. This still seems to be the case in 4.2.2 :

    var store = Ext.create('', {
    fields: ['name', 'data'],
    data: [
    { 'name': 'metric one', 'data': 10 },
  5. I am on windows on build 1039, I get a message that there's a new Major Update, but the only critical fix in this new build 1044 is a fix for OsX?

    Are there release notes for this build anywhere...
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    And is that new build the "Major Update"?
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    when I start architect, I get this message :

    Clicking go to website brings me to this page :
    I don't see any new major version...
  8. Thanks for the responses.
    For now, I'm reloading the store on insert because of the ID issue, and also on delete, because it seems that after a delete and sync, the record is correctly removed from...
  9. I have the same problem, did you find any solution in the mean time?

    Thanks in advance.

  10. I figured it out, it was completely my own fault, as I had a case sensitivity issue with the root property of my Readers.
    My apologies.
  11. I am having this exact same problem. I can't get any datastore to load in Sencha Architect, even though it works fine when I deploy the application.
    The error message simply says "Unable to load...
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    Thanks for the response, I was actually hoping to get an official response from Sencha, but perhaps this forum is not the right place for that. Any hints on who I should contact for an official...
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    I saw some promising videos about designer 2.0 here, but can't find any info on release date or beta release.
    On the 'buy page' for ext designer, it seems like when I would buy now, my license is...
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