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  1. rashid.jahangir

    Your trying to mix Ext 2.x code with Ext 4.x code as most of the code you pasted is from ExtJS 4. Can you create a new thread in Ext JS 4 Discussion section please...
  2. thanks condor. will try these and post back with my findings.
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    function submit(){
    var tresc = Ext.getCmp('tresc');
    var finalValue=tresc.getValue();
    /**any other code here which might process the finalValue**/
  4. hello @Condor

    A while back i was trying to use the same store used in my dataview with a grid. Actually a grouping grid to be exact. I had changed the datastore structure to read subcategories...
  5. why not add the tabs after checking a condition? you can make a ajax call to the backend and get the value for the condition that you are checking.
  6. thanks @Condor for your patience (mostly i think:D) and your guidance. This works just the way i want it to. =D>~o)
  7. Hi @Condor

    okay....tried that with a few modifications......and same as before, FF- no change, IE7- Number Expected error.

    new code:

    callback:function(r,o,s){ ...
  8. okay...did FF nothing changes. IE7 gives an error "number expected":-/

    here the code bit:

  9. hi @Condor

    I tried the code that you posted last but it seems that the each loop on the store does not even start, i set breakpoints at multiple locations inside the each loop but it seems like...
  10. Hi @Condor

    I tried the code that you posted earlier, actually tried out a few variations but it did not sort the dataview. I tried the following:

    > sorted the inner items before the store was...
  11. got it, thanks @Condor. I will post back with the results.:)
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    if you want to do something upon a click event on an element, you can use something like:'#htmlelementid').on('click',function(c,v){

    you can also...
  13. help? anyone?:-/
  14. sorry, when i said categories i didn't mean it literary. yes @Condor, I want to sort items inside each category, ie: the fields mapped inside the reader. (below in red...
  15. its been a while since my last post. i am trying to sort the the data read by the xmlreader but with no success.

    I call the sort method on the store after it loads.

    This works (the items are...
  16. OK!!! WORKS!!!! I missed the mapping levels. Now it works just like i want it to.

  17. Hi @Condor,

    As i mentioned in my posted earlier. I used to access the values inside the tpl, but then there's an error when i load the page which breaks the process.

  18. hello

    @Condor, in my original code, i used a slightly modded code of the Ext example page code which uses Ext.DataView. The last code snippet worked like a charm but without the functionality...
  19. oh! my bad. I tried to find it through the API search which didn't turn up any result.

    Thanks again!

  20. Thanks @Condor=D>~o), this is just what i wanted:D. One question though:

    I couldn't find convert:function(v,n) in the api, should this be in there?
  21. Thanks @Condor!

    The first option got the XTemplate to iterate through the <item>s. Now I get something like this:
  22. Hello

    My requirement is to create a thumbnail view /w short description for each item(like Ext examples page) from XML data. I did a mock up of the initial code, but now I'm stuck with what i...
  23. Hello

    I have a formpanel with a table layout, the form items are added dynamically. But the items do not show up in the formpanel.

    formpanel code:

    var addgen = new Ext.FormPanel({...
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    i tried both, numrics and string but the slider thumb stays at 0. when i set the value in the firebug console, it works fine the thumb moves to the correct position.
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    Add this item to your FormPanel items

    xtype: 'label',
    name: 'label_name',
    id: 'label_id',...
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