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  1. store.filter([
    property : 'name',
    value : 'Ed',
    anyMatch : true, //optional, defaults to true
    caseSensitive: true //optional, defaults to true

  2. Your problem is the listeners doesn't work
    Is it right?
    You could see the example from this
    in section grid 4
  3. Thanks willigogs
    Your posting really helpful
  4. But I don't want to remove all data
    I just want to remove the data that's already filtered and want to keep the others record in the store.
    Still confuse with it
    Because when I read to the store...
  5. Help me Please

    How to delete the data in Store that's already filtered

    SharpJs.TrPenaltiesStore.filter('DefectId', 'CR01', false, true);

    I got two record where DefectId = CR01 from this...
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