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  1. Hi,

    AbstractStoreSelectionModel has a flag mouseDown which tracks whether or not a mouse button is currently pressed. In TreeSelectionModel this flag is set within the onMouseDown method....
  2. You are right in super dev mode and in production mode the bug does not occur even without fiddling to the event handling within the column header.

  3. Hi,

    thanks for the quick reply.

    I am not quite sure this works, or I am missing something. The mismanaged event in the onClick method does not occur in the ColumnHeader class but in the inner...
  4. Hi,

    I am experiencing some strange behavior when trying to add a TextField to a grid header. The text field is added, but one cannot use the mouse to either select text or set the cursor to a...
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    Hi Colin,

    I was wondering: what are the plans for future versions of GXT. In the past you had public roadmaps and before GXT 3.0 you were advertizing quite a bit on where you were heading with...
  6. Running into I had a look at the implementation of ListStore's...
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    Try adding something in an HBoxLayoutContainer. It will not be displayed. The difference is that HBoxLayoutContainer uses an absolute layout inside.
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    I haven't really looked into this but at least for me CssFloatLayoutContainer did not display any of the widgets inside. I assume that at some level it assumes its children to be directly...
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    I just spent two hours trying to figure out a seemingly simple thing. I wanted to layout widgets dynamically into rows, where each row can hold multiple widgets. The problem is, I do not...
  10. I have the following setup. I have a TextField inputField and want to set the cursor position. If I call
    inputField.setCursorPos(pos) it does not seem to have any effect. It does however work if I...
  11. at least an acknowledgment of this thread would be nice. Otherwise I don't really see the point of writing up bug reports ..
  12. and .. one more push.
  13. Thoughts?
  14. Hi,

    there is a bug in Tree(Panel)s caused by unsynchronized Stores. If a Tree is given a TreeStore it adds handlers to listen to store events. For example an added entry in the store causes the...
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    Hi Navdeep,

    a combobox per se only allows single selection as it displays the selected item in the textfield like box, when not expanded. However, to render its data the combobox uses ListView...
  16. Hey WesleyMoy,

    for now I've pretty much gone with the wrapper workaround, but I'd be happy to see this fixed in the next version. Do you have any plans on when it should come out?
  17. I haven't looked closely at this, but it smells like
  18. Hey,

    there is a bug in TreeStore's insert method which results in not fireing insert events in case the store is sorted. Here is the code of the method:

    private void insert(TreeModel...
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