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  1. Worked it out, for anyone with a similar query the wrapped json response should take the format:{Your JSON})

    Note the callback part is incremented per subsequent...
  2. Could you perhaps give an example of the format expected when the json response is wrapped within the callback function please mitchell?
  3. Managed to resolve the problem, was due to an html image I had outside the header in index.html that was causing the picker to be pushed off screen.
  4. Furthermore, it seems it's something wrong with my viewport or how that's set up with a navigation view as when I run the homepage as a standalone view the picker displays as it should.
  5. Hi,

    I am having a bit of a problem with selectfields and pickers. What is happening is when I use a conventional selectfield some of the items wander off the screen on the ipad and when I try to...
  6. Now have the charts and grids being displayed as they should in a natively packaged app so my thanks go to you Mitchell.

    For anyone else out there who is having similar problems, here is the...
  7. I see, thanks for all your help Mitchell, I'll amend my app according to your advice tomorrow and fingers crossed my charting issues will be solved!
  8. Thanks again Mitchell so add the charts .js file in the app.json file, the classes required as requires in my own ST2 app.

    One last question regarding the index.html, should this reference my...
  9. Thanks, so when you say I shouldn't edit index.html does that mean the content of this file is standard for every sencha touch 2 application? If this is so is index.html generated by the one of the...
  10. Hi Mitchell,

    Yes I am using the following command:

    sencha app build native


  11. Hi all,

    I have currently developed an app, packaged for iOs using the beta version of Sencha charts 2 and have ran into a problem. On chrome, terra (on the ipad), and even the desktop version of...
  12. Did anyone manage to get to the bottom of this issue? I am experiencing similar problems and as yet have had no success.
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