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    I don't actually build the application but run it in real time and edit it live/test etc. I never got around to doing it all via the build method .

    My existing webapp (You have to view it on the...
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    in src/viewport/Ios.js

    It has..

    }, function() {
    //<debug error>
    Ext.Logger.error("Timeout waiting for window.innerHeight to change", this);
  3. I am using sencha touch on an web based iPhone application with a large audience (50000+ users per day) and a small percentage of them are blind.

    On the iPhone they use Voiceover and 90% of the...
  4. I tried this and it failed completely in lots of various ways.. The code which I'm trying to build runs without any console errors:

    Latest error is:

    sencha app build testing...
  5. I finally released (View via iPhone) Beta a few days ago (written in senchatouch 2). If you go to it choose the Beta Version

    Its really quite a simple application...
  6. You cannot hide the bottom bar it if you open your app on a webpage from Safari. If you open it from a link you've made (which opens in Safari) then the bottom bar will go away.
  7. Thanks..

    That fixed it..
  8. Thats adsense giving that error.. nothing to do with the sencha code.

    I have removed that (it wasn't the problem) and still a blank screen on iPhone/safari desktop (I knew that wasn't the problem)...
  9. I finally decided to move my website over to ST and I downloaded 2.0.1 version to see if it still worked (worked ok on final 2.0 version) before I did the final changes but..

    All I get now is a...
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    Is is possible to have a combination of Tabs and Carousels..

    for example.. have Tabs down the bottom AND have the ability to switch between them using the hold and swipe functionality?
  11. Its been fixed 7 months ago

    Apple just have to use a newer version of webkit on Safari (Apple and Desktop)
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    think he wants to know how to do: Mustang {3} not Mustang (3) ??

    This can be done via: (just tested)

    itemTpl: "{car_name} \{{count}\}"
  13. Does the same with Safari (Version 5.1.3 (7534.53.10)) as well.

    Thanks :-)
  14. Hi there.

    It doesn't seemed to be fixed (The release notes didn't say it was) in B3 .. maybe in B4.

    I made a simple case which breaks. I cannot get it working at all. Can you give me your...
  15. The Problem with a list and change the disclosure icon is you still have to click on the icon on the right hand side . to see what its pointing towards.. On the standard iPhone GUI with Items like...
  16. Hi there.

    How do I made a GUI look like the image below.

    I can make up in senchatouch 2 the below type of interface so it looks like an iPhone interface correctly. I can't find any examples...
  17. See my website: in the "Submit APN" tab:

    Its a Tab Panel
    - Fieldset
    - - SelectField
    - - Textfield
    - - textareafield
    - Button
  18. Using a textareafield and the placeHolder text is wider than the width of the textareafield the contents of the placeHolder text doesn't wrap to the new line.

    When you enter actual text into the...
  19. Yes removing the width:"100%" works.. but why?
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    the Start of my code is:


  21. I have a button which has width 100%. It lines up on the left hand side ok but on the right hand side it is too wide.

    As you can see in the image the left hand side is lined up with the fieldset...
  22. "Success! Looks like we've fixed this one. According to our records the fix was applied for TOUCH-1747 in 2.0."

    Oh.. it was a bug? .. I thought it was my coding so I did it another way by using...
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    I have 99% of the "bugs" sorted out now in my app but a couple of questions.

    "fields is deprecated as a property directly on the Model prototype. Please put it inside the config object."

    How do...
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    in ST 2 PRX I used to use

    Ext.define('Carriers', {
    extend: '',
    fields: [
    {name: 'carrierid', type: 'string'},
  25. in all other versions of ST2 I used to do the below.

    But the this.setValue(country_code) doesn't seem to work now and the select field doesn't change
    country_code is defined someplace else as...
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