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    Thanks a lot guys for clues. Problem solved. There was some extra space's in js file, just deleted it and all works fine.
    Thanks again!

    With great respect: Shmitt!
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    Hello all!

    Having a problem here. Hope there are other peoples which confrunt and solved it.
    So having a program develloped in windows. All works fine.
    Now when i put the program on a...
  3. Can't solve the damn problem. Tryed different solution still not refreshing.

    Here some code:

    function updateAgregateFields(oGrid_event){
    //trying to make an refresh only for...
  4. :-/:-/:-/
  5. Is it possible to make that LockColumn plugin to work with groupSummary plugin ?!

    Any examples will be great!

    Thx in advance!
  6. Still can't figure it up with thouse functions?!

    Why the

    dosen't work i've been expacted, with getting the data from the base and fill the grid with thouse new data, insteed it dosen't do...
  7. Thx a lot condor all works fine now, even without updating the ext version, remaining still at the 2.1.

    All i done is to put together the solutions you proposed in js file and ading it after...
  8. Ok i tryed to put the code in js file where is the grid created at the beging, and running in firefox so it is not shifting now, but i can edit the cells. It seems that my grid is dividing in two...
  9. K thx for the quick replay Condor.

    But where i must put the code above for testing it?!:">

    Ext.override(Ext.grid.GridView, {
    ensureVisible : function(row, col, hscroll){
    if(typeof row !=...
  10. file:///C:/DOCUME%7E1/Shmitt/LOCALS%7E1/Temp/moz-screenshot.jpgHello there!

    Having a big problem here, and i think it's an ext bug. So i have big grid here with many columns and all works fine at...
  11. Thx a lot mjlecomte! It works now, but not perfectly. The same problem i've begun this post: i do the update but the refresh of the grid not working, the fields i updated by selecting a value from my...
  12. Thx for response. I'll look right now on the example.

    About the columns which i wanna update there are showed in the previous script, all of them are NumberField.
  13. So here is my problem about updating:
    Having a grid with many columns and i maded a function for updating the database, and the grid when the "afteredit" event appears. The update function looks...
  14. Any help will be apreciated!
  15. :-/
  16. Thanks for the quick responses!

    Still, i've tryed to refresh the grid but it dose't work, only after refreshing the entire page the data is updated.

    Here is the code:
  17. Hi guys!

    Need some help here pls.
    So having a grid with a lot of columns and data in it! Now when i change some data in the cell i just do a commitChanges on store: Like in the code above:

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    Done it in the easy way, not very clever, only with renderer for each column, but it works good.

    Thx for the help mjlecomte, i'll try to use your hints.
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    Ok thx for help guys!

    It's really was a piece of cake.
    About the row coloring here i have a problem. Here is the code:

    var gridViewTest = new Ext.grid.GridView({
    //forceFit: true,
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    Hi guys!

    Here having a problem with coloring some columns. So having 2 rows from mygrid:


    With some data in it:

    aplicare_chimie denumire_lucrare
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    Thanx a lot.

    Works beautefull now, and the blur event too, with underlined red.

    Thanx again Condor!
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    Thx for your quick replay Condor.

    I've replaced, and the error is:

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    Hi again!

    I upgraded from ext 2.1 to ext 2.2 and still having the same error when i write an incorrect data in the field with validator function:

    The Error:

    Is there a solution for it?!
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    Ok, thanx for helping me Condor.
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    Thx again Condor.

    It works, but there is a problem:
    first of all, when i type a cifre in the NumberField with validator, the firebug shows me an error:

    And the second thing is about...
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