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  1. Hello,

    My situation is something like the following :
    - I have 3 buttons in a some view
    - I have another view B that is created after clicking on one of the 3 buttons
    - I need the view B, be...
  2. My application has a container that will be used to create different tabs. In the container, there is a form, that I would like to initialize with different values, when created. I think that the...
  3. Hello,

    I have juste started working with Ext Direct specifications. My page, has a grid + a form for the same model. After having supplied the right "api" functions for both the store + the form,...
  4. My use case is simple : I'm trying to create a checkbox that has the name "_spring_security_remember_me". This is not possible in Sencha Architect because an error message is displayed saying that...
  5. Replies
    It seems that this is not possible on iPhone, without some special tricks. The default UIWebView from PhoneGap doesn't allow providing a remote source for image tags.

    But of course, this is not a...
  6. Each time I push the preview Button, a shell Window is opened with an "rsync" command, but it is never closed. After many executions of preview, I have a lot of Windows opened in the background.
  7. It all in the title :)

    Window property resizable should be a checkbox not a textfield (because it is a boolean)
  8. Hello,

    Using the sample source code below, the HTML Editor is rendered with a blue background (same as a Window frame), whereas in the deployed website it is white as I need it to be.

  9. Checked that Sencha Architect is using Ext JS version 4.0.7 by default. So it seems that I have created my project too much time ago, and this is why Ext JS version used is old.
  10. I didn't check that... I'm using Ext JS 4.0.2.

    I have tried now 4.0.7 and 4.1rc3, and I don't see the problem anymore.

    Thanks !

    I will report that into the Sencha Architect forum, because...
  11. I'm really sorry, because I have just discovered that this issue was due to my browser cache, and not related to Sencha Architect.
  12. Hello,

    I have tried to change the Ext JS version by changing the path in the settings, but after pushing the preview button, I still see that the generated html file continues to use an old...
  13. Within the Project Inspector, if you select an element and you try to move it to some place of the tree that is not visible, there is no way to scroll to that place, while moving the element. This...
  14. Hello,

    I have a problem with the display of the menu of my application, generated with Sencha Architect.
    My application has a viewport, and within the viewport I have a panel. See below a piece...
  15. I think I have found an answer. I have used

    #mainpanel > dataview
  16. Hello,

    I have created a main class base on a Panel, in which I have placed a View (DataView). Then I have created an instance of the main class into a viewport and I provided an Id to the instance...
  17. Replies

    I have tried creating a new component that would integrated some html code into an iFrame. The iFrame is required to get rid of any CSS applied to the document. My code looks like

  18. Hello,

    I have created a layout contrainer, with an little image widget within (created by me, basically, a <div> and a <canvas>). I have added mouse listeners to the layout container, because I...
  19. Below I provide some piece of code on how my code looks like :

    new Ext.FormPanel({
    reader : new{
    record: 'user',
    fields: [{name: 'address', mapping:...
  20. Hello,

    I'm using an XMLReader to load the formPanel items, with the attributes of the XML file. After rendering the formPanel, I can't see anymore the "\n" within TextArea field.

    Does somebody...
  21. Could you please provide more precisions about what is "odd" in my source code ? As I said before, the mapPanel class works perfectly when it is embedded alone into a Window, but gives bad result...
  22. I think I have posted this thread on the wrong forum... I have duplicated it now on the EXTJS forum.
  23. Hello,

    I have create a sort of wizard using the CardLayout. One of the cards has a google map panel. When calling the function to center the map on a specific location, the result is not correct....
  24. Thank you guys. Now I have the solution from your posts. I just need to understand when we have to use the Ext.Apply and when do we just need to set directly the property (I've not yet seen the...
  25. Hello,

    I've created the following class

    Application.LoginPanel = Ext.extend(Ext.FormPanel, {

    ,initComponent:function() {
    Ext.apply(this, {
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