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  1. Uploading the code as attached.
  2. Mitchell, The button doesn't use the webkit mask. The button is generated dynamically as below :

    var main = Ext.getCmp('tbBottom');
    if (main.items.items.length == 0) {
    var btn...
  3. Hi,

    I need some help in the sencha 2.0 application described below.

    I have made a sencha app in which i am generating the icons on my toolbar dynamically from a xml file (containg urls...
  4. Hi Mitchell,

    Can you tell how can we make the rootproperty dynamic, please guide with some example.


  5. Its not the items relating to item but its the product relating to item with <item btn....>

    my store is defined in a view. how come i access a store data value in another store root property like...
  6. Hi,

    I am working with MVC pattern, and i am using a store 'store1' for local storage to keep track of the button clicks or some properties.

    Now i want to load up another store to be...
  7. Hi Mitchell,

    Please help out in the above mentioned problem, Its very critical.

  8. Hey Mitchell,

    MANY MANY Thanks, i am able to achieve the value for the title with your advise. The code is as below:


    1. But now i am...
  9. My store variable 'lstore' is defined in the previous view, where on top of view i am creating the store,

    var lstore = Ext.create('');

    and i am making use of the lstore in my...
  10. Store is defined in app/stores folder as below:

    Ext.define('', {
    extend: '',
    config: {
    storeId: 'lstore',
    model: 'App.model.lsModel',
  11. Hey Mitchell,
    I tried out the code below under the above view config:

    applyItems: function (items) {
    var me = this, ln, j, i, item, items, itemin;
  12. Hi,

    I am facing a problem as below:

    I have 2 stores 'lstore' just to take care of the local storage and other 'Main' getting data and populating the data in page .

    Now, when i click...
  13. Hi Mitchell,

    yes, you are right i am trying to achieve the same but its not getting achieved, since my localstorage doesn't update the value next time.

    Can you guide me how i can update...
  14. Hi,

    I am having the xml as below

    <root stylesheet="" buttonHiddenText="Vis flere valg" buttonVisibleText="Skjul"...
  15. Hey Mitchell,

    MANY MANY THANKS to You, for thy advises, thy help and all you provided.
    To add the array what i did is the code below:

    var main = Ext.getCmp('tbBottom');...
  16. Mitchell,

    Error doesn't occur since the array has been defined globally on top. I removed the innerhtml lines. What does container signify here?

  17. Hey Mitchell,

    I have written the below code per your advise:

    I have put the buttons in array, and then tried to show them off in items under store as shown, but the buttons are not binding...
  18. Hey Micthell,

    Thanks for thy advise, i followed it and i am able to retrieve the values from store. Now please tell me as to how to add up the buttons to the page at the tab bar at bottom. I...
  19. Hey Mitchell,

    How r you?

    I did a lot for the load signature with the code as below:

    Ext.define("App.view.Xbutton", {
    extend: '', // ...
  20. Hi Mitchell,

    Thanks for your guidance, It seems to be well in the positive direction, so now shall i define my items in the load as below:

    handleStoreLoad: function () {
  21. As per your approach, i am following per the code below, but it seems incorrect. please guide me through. please have a look at wrt xml structure.

    var workStore = new ({
  22. I have not used the each() function on the store, to iterate and neither i did the load. Please guide me.

  23. Please guide me through as to how to create and add the buttons and to give them the icon as ticon value and title as tname value.

    And also please guide me how to filter my xml data to bind my...
  24. Yes, when I bind it to a list.
  25. Hi,

    Please help me out in resolving the issues below:

    I am having some xml data in which one property (ticon) contains a url to an image. and now if i bind the xml to a list it binds...
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