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  1. Works perfect!

    The only problem is that I can't use the architect to apply that function on the root property because it only allows a string.. Any suggestions?

    Thanks all for the anwers!
  2. Wasn't able to find this type of model using architect :(

    What should I use?
  3. Someone? :)
  4. It keeps telling me "Records loaded". Store is empty. I tried changing the root from the store (to data) and reader (to data also) but nothing. When I from the console ask for...
  5. Someone know how to do it from architect?
  6. Hi! I am having the same problem!! Can't set it from the architect..
  7. Hello, I still trying to do this, does someone knows how to do it?

  8. Please help :-|
  9. Hi,

    I have this .JSON file.

    characteristic: 21,
    number_part1: 21,
    number_part2: 54
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