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    During installation I picked my jre 64bit exe from Program Files, and am getting this error:

    --------------------------- Error ---------------------------
    The JVM found at...
  2. You're not alone, my friend :P
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    Will Inspector be compatible with JRE 64bit on Windows in the future? It's asking for a JRE 32bit during installation, and locate the 64bit JRE throws an error.
  4. NP! Glad to help..
  5. And can you reproduce it?

    Webstorm 10.0.3
    Windows 8.1 64bit Pro
    Sencha Cmd v5.1.2.52
    Sencha Touch v2.4.0
  6. 52625
  7. 52624
  8. True. But it's a prerelease, so they have time to fix it..
  9. For me this was also a surprise and cost me a lot of work the last few days. Also we had to update our app, and our support department was not happy that we had to update customers all of a sudden....
  10. Yes, it was. They should have known and should have update sooner. But did Google communicate it well? I think so:...
  11. When using Ext.Logger the plugin is saying 'Missing Ext.Logger in requires array'. But when trying to requiring 'Ext.Logger' or 'Ext.log.Logger' the build failed with the message 'Requirement had no...
  12. Unfortunately those overrides only are working on desktops and new android devices. But for Android 4.1 the fix is not working and 'resize' is not called.

    I have a listview which is not scrollable...
  13. Nobody has an answer to this? I just want to buffer the binding so it won't flicker when people are scrolling through the grid with their keyboard..
  14. I have a use case where I create forms dynamically, and the fields and grids are provided to me as metadata in the store's json. Why I do is:

    Call Ext.suspendLayout();
    Get reference to the...
  15. What we do at our team is looking at the 'lowest' and 'smallest' object that fits our needs. For example, if we need keyboard and mouse navigation we would go for the view. If we don't we would go...
  16. First of all you should replace the 'width: 100%' of both grids with 'forceFit: true'. Second of all doLayout() should be replaced with 'updateLayout()'. You can consider suspend and resume the...
  17. Why do you want logic in your view? You want to listen to events on your controller, that occur when something happens in the view. For example you want to define a eventhandler in the controller and...
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    The json-snippet speaks for its self. It's just the data my server returns to me by loading the store. I posted it to show you how the json should be formatted when using a treestore. Put it in a...
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    Here some working snippets from my app:

    In my viewmodel i do:

    stores: {
    treeItems: {
    type: 'TreeItems' // --> Not the alias of the store
    users: {
  20. Hi there,

    I'm refactoring an app from MVC to MVVM, but don't know how to solve this. I'm configured a buffer on a 'select' of a grid, so if the user moves over the records using the down or up...
  21. That would be

    if (checkMenu.isHidden() === false) {

    don't you think :)
  22. This is a very old topic, but never the less I will answer it for others looking for a solution.

    For me it is best practice (this is for ExtJs grids and Sencha Touch lists) to listen to the...
  23. I am using build.xml to hook in into the build process to copy over the production folder to another place. I do this by using the target "-after-build". One big disadvantage is that this will occur...
  24. Thanks for the extra info. I was also struggling with this and came, inspired by this topic, with the following solution:

    <!-- Builds application for all platforms -->
  25. Just tested it and it seems to work properly again in the beta version.
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