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  1. The buttons in a toolbar get rendered incorrectly in FireFox after programmatically collapsing the ContentPanel that contains the ToolBar. The icons and the text overlap. (shown in attachment)

  2. I am also trying to implement this sort of TextField looking ComboBox. If the user types "met" and a match for "metallica" is found, and the user presses Enter, the value "met" should be in the...
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    Can you change the icons dynamically, e.g. when user hovers the mouse over the icon?
  4. Maybe this will help

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    My problem is that I want to embed a small swf-component into a GXT ContentPanel. I can do this in html with this:

    <object id="fplayer" width="400"
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    Got working by extending store:

    public class ResultStore<M extends ModelData> extends ListStore {

    public void sort(String field, SortDir sortDir) {
    SortInfo prev = new...
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    I need to implement my on version of sorting for my application's grid. I still want the results to be sorted when I click the column headers, but I will do this manually -- I sort the...
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    I need to implement my on version of sorting for my application's grid. I sort the result when I send the a search query (Hibernate) to our DB. Therefore, I want to disable the local...
  9. Hello,

    Also note that the scrollbars do not appear until the grid has data.

    If you post some runnable code, I will gladly look into it.

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    I have a listener hooked to a TextField that I want to use to format the user inputted character to something else. Basically, I want it so that I can cancel the event from continuing (the...
  11. Hello,

    Try calling layout() on the Container

  12. I will post my current code again, because this is sort of a major issue for me.

    If anyone can figure out (if it is even possible) how to keep the TextFields auto-sized, and add a vertical...
  13. Hello,

    First of all, thank you for taking the time to reply to my posts and helping me solve this problem.

    I think I didn't mention it clearly enough. Of course, the horizontal scrollbars...
  14. Except for just one thing. The scrollbars are not visible when the content doesn't fit the east panel.
  15. Thank you, this solved it for me.

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    Here is how I understand this.

    Events.Select is the event that is fired when the component is selected (ie. button clicked). Components also fire other events, check the API for those.
  17. Hello,

    The Explorer had an example where a fields FormData could be set to "100%" and it would auto-size itself with the container, if the container has FitLayout.

    My problem is that in my...
  18. I don't know how I had missed this

    binder.setAutoLoad(true);This loads the entire tree at once. It would still be nice to select the amount of levels to load, if the tree levels are very deep.
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    I would suggest that you have all the possible icons in the CSS, and change the CSS at runtime. Isn't this basically the same as changing the icon at runtime?
  20. Hello,

    I also need this kind of functionality in my program. I want the entire tree would be loaded on the same call, or that I could specify the number of levels to load.

    I have experimented...
  21. Hello,

    I have a small media player in my application that runs inside a GXT-Window. It uses the Windows Media Player 11 -plugin, and I add it the window with .addText(String html).

    My problem...
  22. Solved. Adding custom styles does work.


    .combobox {
    padding-right: 20px !important;
  23. Has anyone found a solution to this? For me it is rather important that I could programmatically collapse the panel when needed.
  24. Hello,

    I am trying to add a SimpleComboBox and a TextField into a HorizontalPanel, and several of these HorizontalPanels into a Window. What happens is that the SimpleComboBox's button gets hidden...
  25. Hello,

    How do I listen for browser window resize events? I want to move a certain GXT window inside my application whenever the user resizes the browser window. To be precise, I want to pin this...
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