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  1. Wow, that change caused a couple of hours of frustration until I found this thread...
  2. I got the same thing. I think somebody has jumped the gun 8-|
  3. :(( Still not fixed?
  4. Well I just get an empty screen (no JS errors). So its a bit hard to track down.

    Architect gives the warnings:
    The following components are missing a store: tvAssets.

    The treeview does not...
  5. But it still doesn't work if I remove it from the view... So how do I work around this?
  6. Hi Doug,

    I'm going back to 2.1 until this issue is fixed.

    Lesson learnt - I will install and test in a virtual machine next...
  7. Hi guys,

    I upgraded Sencha Architect yesterday, but unfortunatly the large project im working on does not run anymore.

    One of the problems is, I cannot select my Treestore, for the Tree.View. I...
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    I agree. It is a strange move going from a user friendly design to a command prompt.. Even if 'programmers' are the target users.

    Pretty annoying having to close all the windows as I deploy about...
  9. Ok, I figured out if I moved my CSS and JS folders inside my Architect project directory, this fixes the issue.
  10. I am using Architect 2.1

    When I deploy, my resource files (JS and CSS) are been overwritten with zero length files.

    For example - I have a resource:
    ID: date.format.js
    URL: js/date.format.js...
  11. Same issue here.. Very annoying when editing content, that is not on the active tab.
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    Hi there,

    Unfortunately it is a large project, with company IP, so I cant really provide it.

    Is there any more information I can give that will help?

    I am using Extjs 4.1.1, Windows 7 - 64...
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    Hi there,

    I upgraded to v2.1, now when I save my project I often get this error message:

    TypeError: 'undefined' is not a function (evaluating 'v.replace(re, '\\' + quote)')

    I dont know how...
  14. Thanks again Scott. That fixed my issue.. Including removing setting the primary ID.

    var rec = store.getNodeById(sAssetID);
    rec.set('Name', sName);
    rec.set('text', sName);...
  15. Anyone know about updating data in a treestore? :-/
  16. Hi there,

    I want to modify the details of a treestore record and send the 'Update' to the DLL specified in my API.

    The record is updated in the tree, but no call is made to the DLL.

    This is...
  17. Thanks Scott, that resolved my issue. =D>

    For those that are interested, the change was:

    // Create the asset
    var newasset = Ext.create('Clarity.model.dmAsset', {
    Asset_ID : sAssetID,...
  18. Hi there,

    The issue is as follows:
    I have an 'Asset' table that has an id field called: Asset_ID of type UniqueIdentifier.
    I want to specify this GUID on the client side and sent it to the...
  19. I agree.. A similar discussion is here:
  20. I agree with the author of this thread..

    The expected behaviour should be - Maintain the filter text, and apply it to the new selection. Just a suggestion. ;)

    It is annoying when I want to...
  21. Same here.. This is really frustrating, as I see it in examples - but no option visible in Architect. :-/
    How do I set buttons for a form panel or window??
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