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    Is there a parallel Sencha Architect beta to support this?
  2. I just checked to be sure, and the original project was using ExtJS 4.0.7, and when I re-factored, I did use ExtJS 4.1.3. And during the process there was also an update released for Architect to...
  3. We had a UI re-factoring that was scheduled. I did extensive work during that to test regularly in IE8 and to never test using localhost. During that process I never again encountered this issue,...
  4. I have a Sencha ExtJS 4.0.7 project. Nothing fancy, a few tabs, a few grids, backing stores, etc.

    The grids use paging toolbars. These paging toolbars, and several other miscellaneous buttons,...
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    I'm also trying to do the same thing. I've examined the CSS and have made the following change:
    .vdsNavigation .x-tool {
    width: 21px;
    height: 21px;
    .vdsNavigation .x-tool-collapse-top...
  6. You'll need to make sure IE9 is rendering in standards mode. While your page is loaded, press F12 and check the document mode is "Internet Explorer 9 Standards". For example:
    <!DOCTYPE html>for...
  7. I've been directed to replace the action column in a ExtJS grid with text links instead. My first thought was a template column with an <a> link, and to have that link invoke a function on the...
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