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    Ext version tested:

    Ext 4.2.1

    Browser versions tested against:

    Firefox 23
    Chrome 29
  2. I looked at the documentation and SASS/VAR folder in package, I was able to customize Neptune theme but even after many try I was not able to change the color of the tools in panel. Is there any...
  3. Is there any workaorund for this problem it is causing us huge headache. After upgrading it to 4.2. Any update from development team?
  4. Thank you vietits for your help. I went with option number 2. Once again thank you very much.
  5. I am trying to generate table with XTemplate but unfortunately with data that I have it is not working. Can somebody please give me some insight.

    <!doctype html>
  6. Ext Version: 4.1 and 4.0.7
    Browser: Any in Windows x64

    I encountered this problem where tree says node is there even-though that data is not there. Please see attached screen-cast and testcase....
  7. I stumbled upon your solution but it seems like when you drag data from grid and drop into tree it gets dropped as node not as leaf. Is there anyway to drop it as leaf. Please see the attached...
  8. I am stuck with the same problem can you please show what you did.
  9. Thank you very much for your help. That indeed did the trick.
  10. Thank you very much for your reply. Can you please show how to configure form to load such data? Do I need to bind model or store with form? I am sure I have to but how to do it in extjs4.
  11. In ExtJS 3 it was easy to load data into form. But it seems like in ExtJS4 things have changed little bit. I am trying to load a data manually something like in this example....
  12. Thank you mitchellsimoens for your reply. I looked at your code. However, I have two questions. First how Ext JS minifier will work if file are coming dynamically from server. Also how you can make...
  13. We are building a desktop style application with ExtJS 4 using modules along with MVC patterns. However our problem is user access where different user have access to different widgets. Can anybody...
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    Thank you very much for the reply. We understand that 4.1 is not the end of the road. But the question is how stable is 4.0 branch and when 4.1 is going to be released as a final version. After...
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    This question goes to all Sencha Developers and Sencha Management Team. Now it's not a mystery anymore that Ext4.x is lot slower than Ext 3.x branch. I won't go into more detail since there are...
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    I agree with you 100%. Theme that was in Kitchen Sink demo does not even come close to Neptune theme. It is really not fair. For the longest time we have been hearing from developer that theming in...
  17. We have the same issue here. In our test Ext4 is running slower in compare to Ext3.3 in almost all cases where there is nested layout. We purchased Ext4 license hoping that it will be faster and...
  18. We are little concerned too regarding Ext4 issue. We bought a license for Ext4 and we are thinking to building an application using Ext4. Furthermore, there is no official word from Sencha regarding...
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