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    Great! Thanks! Just what I was looking for!
  2. This is built using Ext......
  3. Thank you for doing this. I've bookmarked it for future reference as I've been meaning to move toward MVC with Ext. Thanks again.
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    Thank you! Really missed having this.
  5. This is an excellent plugin. Thanks so much for making it. You should setup a donate paypal link on github for the project.

    I noticed 2 issues that may or may not be bugs

    #1 When typing in a...
  6. I have a simple layout with a grid and an east panel that is normally collapsed. If I expand it and then collapse it, there is a blank area between the header and first row, and more problematic is...
  7. Issue 1: I setup a row editor in Ext 4, and you can't use the mouse to select fields in Firefox (works in Safari), and if you click on another field in the row editor, you don't even see the cursor....
  8. I agree. The new version of grouping is a step backward
  9. I used to be able to do this in a group title template groupHeaderTpl, but I can't see how to do it in 4.0.2a

    Country:USA (9 Records)

    4.0 only seems to allow

    USA (9 Records)

    How can I...
  10. This is wonderful. Great job. Thanks very much!
  11. Let's say I am editing a saved database record via an Ext Form.

    The form has 4 combo box fields. I have to populate those combbox fields with the saved value for each.

    Each combo box has a...
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    Very cool! Great job!
  13. ok, this all makes sense, but how to I get this data back to the server to save? There doesn't seem to be any events being fired to allow this?

    I've tried and...
  14. yes it's in the docs but it's not in the source code of beta 2
  15. TreeStore.insert is missing. There does not seem to be any way to add new items to a tree.
  16. I am having issues with tree node. (new Ext.tree.TreeNode is not a constructor) So I am thinking the tree component might not be quite finished yet in the the current beta or perhaps the...
  17. Trying to work with the treepanel in 4.0 beta and create new items in the tree

    new Ext.tree.TreeNode fails

    Looking through ext-all.js I don't see it referenced anywhere yet it's listed in the...
  18. My apologies...but a newbie question here......and not really Ext but more about Object oriented Javascript.

    Ext is wonderful. And Ext.getCmp has been my friend this past year.

    But I was...
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    Found this great library via this thread. Got the .320 branch rev 231 and tried updating the ext code includes to 3.3.1 and now I get this error

    Ext.ux.netbox.core.LocalStoreFilterResolver is not...
  20. I added a graphic to the background of a slider to give it tick marks and values above them (Poor, Average, Good, Excellent, etc)

    Problem is, my users instinctively try clicking on the text above...
  21. Composite fields are a great new feature for me, but if one is invalid, the little red circle at the end causes scroll bars to appear making the form look ugly

    If I have a combobox box on a line...
  22. We have a grid with just enough data in it so that some users with older computers (i.e. slow javascript execution) see an uncomfortable delay when clicking on a column to sort

    Is there an easy...
  23. I am assuming it's not easily doable, but it can't hurt to ask.......

    I'd love to have a grouping view that also acts like a buffer view, but it would seem that they are mutually exclusive?
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    Yep! How easy! Thanks for the help.
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    trying to start 2009 off by moving all my old procedural javascript to ext

    first thought was my query results page, where I currently have a table that resizes as the window resizes

    the ext...
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