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  1. Also anyone please note that this problem is not happening for Chrome and Firefox.
  2. Sorry for late reply,

    The code is a basic ExtJS AJax request.

    here is our code, we just change Urls and Parameter during the session to load different data in our pages,

    var ajax =...
  3. Hello,

    Does anyone know why IE during Single Sign on session(IE8 and IE9) sends a authorization header and no request data during AJAX request even though session is valid?

    We are using WCF...
  4. Hi Scott,

    Thanks for reply my half problem is solved.

    I just tested with final release and the column hiding is working however filtered state is still not working.

    Meaning if I do a filter...

    Ext version tested:
    Ext 4.1.0- RC1
  6. Hi Scott,

    With lot of testing I found the culprit is the selection model on the grid,

    and I think this is the bug with ExtJS (even in 4.1).

    Try adding check box model to the grid and see...
  7. Hello,

    I have a grid inside an aspx page(ASP.NET).

    I am using

    stateful : true,
    stateId : 'stateVehGrid',

    so that if my user has hidden any column or has filter any data,
  8. Hi Gurufaction,

    Consider me as a newbie to everything, so can you please reply how to set HttpStatusCode to 200? and what to send in case of error?

  9. Sorry but than how the Form Result function will work because from what I understood unless we supply "Success" or "Failure" to success : function(form, action) the function doesn't allow any...
  10. Its XML.
  11. Hi gurufaction,

    Thanks for the reply. I will mark your answer but quick question now, how do I reply to the ExtJS form back that form is submitted successfully or get error.

    I am using...
  12. Hello,

    I am trying to create ExtJS form and have submit button which when clicked should post to ASP.NET webpage.

    Inside page I am trying to process the parameters received. I am not...
  13. Hi Scott,

    I have posted my codes in my initial post(code1 and code2) , I am not using anything extra than that.

    Thanks for your help and replies,
  14. Hi Scott,

    You are right in describing the problem, I am sorry couldn't reply last week.

    I am using,

    layout : 'fit'


    Ext version tested:

    Ext 4.0.7
  16. Hi Scott,

    I don't have problem with displaying the webpage in window with Iframe, my issue is the resizing the window,

    try your code, yourself and see what happens when you resize, also try...
  17. Hi,

    I am searching for,

    When I click the button in a new window I can open any website with the given URL.

    For now I found most people say use IFrame. The window and page shows fine but...
  18. The issue was one extra comma in my data model not sure why all these days 4.0.7 never failed.
  19. Replies

    If you read the documentation of findExact, it returns you the first found record index.

    In your situation you have 2 options,

    You can use the index return by findexact to query again...
  20. Replies

    Its your choice where you want to call the merge,

    but basically you don't need to loop, you can use

    var tests = store.findExact('SearchColumnName', KeyValue, StartPosition);

    Once you...
  21. Hi mitchellsimoens,

    I am not sure I understood your comments, you mean to say I can use Extall.js instead of bootstrap.js and if so than why am I getting the error?

    Please reply...

  22. Hi,

    This is in reference to my earliar thread for ,

    As suggested by mitchellsimoens, I need to...
  23. Further I found in updating to Ext 4.1.0 and using extcore.js
    my store load is giving that error of __field3 is undefined
    and this is working in 4.0.7.
    Can you please guide if the store load...
  24. Hi mitchellsimoens,

    I have no problem in updating to 4.1.0 except that when I downloaded the files for 4.1.0 , I am missing bootstrap.js file.

    I still changed my link of 4.0.7 to 4.1.0...
  25. Its 4.0.7 GPL.
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