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  1. art@all

    1. self-styled forms have always been a problem in ExtJs (maybe due to our ignorance), but becomes easier and easier each time a release comes.

    2. Too many divs ? I do agree. Also...
  2. Thank you for replying.

    FYI, I'm talking about CheckTree node example.

    For blank image, I mean the images contained in each tree node :

    <div class="x-grid-cell-inner " style="text-align:...
  3. Hi all !
    Please launch "Check Tree example" !
    Now, can anybody tell me how to avoid ExtJs from reloading the blank image each time (and for each preceding and following sibling) the "tree...
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    I'd like to add a top toolbar to an 'accordion' Panel. It seems impossible within SA

    1 - I unsuccessfully tried to drag and drop a toolbar from SA toolbox (which seems to be allowed...
  5. Use dom inspector.
    Find the element to want to change.
    use css selector to apply your style.
    You can set the image as the background instead of adding an <img>. Use background-position and co.
  6. If you use Ext.util.GeoLocation, you should call getMatchGeo() on "locationupdate" event.

    new Ext.util.GeoLocation({
    autoUpdate: false,
    listeners: {
    locationupdate: function(geo)...
  7. What do you mean by "open a panel" ?
    Do you want to display a sheet ? a messagebox ? a panel with a back button ?
    What can be simplier than Oreilly About page ?
  8. Try something like :

    // Images
    var aImgsInfo=[['2.jpg','Photo 1'],['3.jpg','Photo 2'],['4.jpg','Photo 3'],['5.jpg','Photo 4'],['6.jpg','Photo 5']];

    // Tpl for <img>
    var aTpl = new...
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    Maybe due to your iApplication webview
    Webview components may have a background

    you can also try to use

    tabletStartupScreen: 'tablet_startup.png',
  10. oups.
    I have the issue that the first time I start scrolling, list items disappear for a second and after that it's OK.
    I was thinking that the delay you are talking about was the same problem
  11. you can check
    or follow...
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    maybe :

    or follow :...
  13. what about :

    // build store with no data
    data: [], // plz check if 'data' is mandatory or not
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    I do not think a doLayout() will work since activity panel is declared once and for all
    And Panel.html is deleted in initContent()

    Now I do not really understand what you really want to do.
  15. Maybe it can be done but I would not have set a Window as an item of a Panel.

    Try this instead :

    xtype: 'panel',
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    Filtering is definitely not my cup of tea...
    I was spending my time in debugging it with sencha-touch-debug when you created this thread.
    I would not have been able to give you the same response...
  17. You are welcome.

    I think no exception should be thrown since it hangs code execution.

    An implementation like in Java world would have been more flexible...Maybe in another life...
  18. @tomalex : You are welcome.
    And I hope this bug will soon be fixed in Chrome (for now, it is not fixed in Chrome 13.0.782.112 m - Windows).

    @sencha team :
    - Are you considering that Touch...
  19. This is the default behaviour of many (all?) browsers
    You have to listen to mousedown event on the img element and preventDefault

    you can use this on <img> element :
  20. Searching the forum for "dragObj" :D
    (This was not a post of mine)
  21. Sencha Touch version tested:


    Platform tested against:

    XP + Chrome 12
  22. Thanks for your response.
    Unfortunately I do not want to have a slider with a fixed width.
    It must fill the whole width of my viewport

    Finally, adding {xtype:'panel',items:mysliderfield} as a...
  23. I really need some help on this !
  24. Is there any way to make a slider work when inside a toolbar ?

    In fact, if the slider stands as an item of a Ext.Panel, everything is OK, the slider thumb moves to defaultvalue.
    But if the slider...
  25. what kind of troubles ?
    with what kind of picker ?

    @NetNexus : thanks for the fix
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