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  1. Dear,

    I m currently evaluating Desktop Packager.
    When I try to open the example PackagingTool.xda with Architect : it says :

    This project was created by a later version of Architect and...
  2. Hello,

    When using a textfield and changing font-size using an additional fieldCls class; Chrome incorrectly display the cursor size until the field get an input inside.
    The side effect is if you...
  3. Hi...
    Why not having it passed in the config (cfr defaultFocus) when calling the show or prompt method ? (not supported actually)

    defaultButton is not documented and you have to make a lot of...
  4. Hello,

    What is the correct syntax to add extraParam to a Proxy on a store:
    Adding :
    {id: 4} -> is ok
    {id: this.test] -> is ok
    {id: this.getId()} -> is NOT ok (return in the code :...
  5. Hi,

    Tx for your reply.
    It is for ExtJS. You are right it is not mentioned in the doc. But it was mentioned in a sample. And after check in the COntroller source, it is in the code as well as the...
  6. Hello,When adding a controller reference to a controller, there is no properties for xtype and autoCreate.Adding autoCreate as a custom properties is ok, but trying to add xtype as a custom...
  7. Hello,

    Chiva.zhao, I was experiencing the same issue. Sometimes it works and sometimes not.... until once I couldn t make it works again.

    I was able to solve that by :
    - uninstalling sencha...
  8. Replies

    In Destktop app (ExtJS4) I would like to add specific events to a custom component and have those events exposed to the designer.
    How to do that ?

    I have tried by overriding constructor...
  9. Dear all,

    I wondering, when creating a custom component, and link this component to another component (ExtJS4, cfr xtype, ex: combobox to a panel) the designer doesn't let you the ability to...
  10. one additional clue : if the button is simpy added to the designer area (in no container), this is possible to add custom properties.So I could solve my problem by deplacing the button at the root of...
  11. - Start a new ExtJS4 Project- add a panel- in the panel add a button- in the config window, in the filter type 'action' and click Add=> Architec raise the error
  12. Hello,Trying to add custom property (ex: action on a button) raise an error 'an unknow exception...' : TypeError: 'null' is not an objectWindows 7, Sencha Architect 2 : build 410
  13. It is possible for you to add any properties to a object. In the filter box above properties list, type the name (eg: action) and click the add button to the right.
  14. I totally agree with the break changes, I have to close the designer, make changes in the files and reopen it again !

    But in your example, it would be more readable to have :

    var o =...
  15. After having this trouble the whole day and trying various things... it works again....
    No clue.
  16. I m using Sencha Designer as a trial. The trial says : 59 days remaining. When I try to start a project, the Designer Window disapear, but the process is still running.
    Windows 7 Utilmate.
    I tried...
  17. Hello,

    When using Ext.grid.plugin.DragDrop in the designer, there is no possibility to add function to the events (beforedrop and drop). Those events are not reflected to the GridView.
    The only...
  18. Replies
    Dear all,

    here is a full functionning code :


    : 'Ext.form.field.TextArea',
  19. Replies

    Since 4.0.2 formBind: true is not working anymore.
    The example : Loading/Saving a Dynamic Form using XML is perferctly working on ext 4.0.1 but not anymore on 4.0.2
  20. Dear all,

    There is a mistake or bugs ? in the
    When we provide a model this should absolutely be in the form AppName.path.ModelName.
    If we supply only the name, this doesn't work....
  21. Dear All,

    in the doc ( there is an error :
    - the file is app/view/Viewport.js is not documented
    - either document...
  22. Hi Animal,

    I've found my error.
    I've created a general Ajax handler error. And there was an error in the handler when dealing with the store exception !

    Sorry for the confusing !

  23. Hi Animal,

    My code is as below :

    Regware.Xpo.Search.SearchPanel = Ext.extend(Ext.Panel, {

  24. Hello,

    I'm evaluating Ext. The version I used is 3.2.1.

    The event requestexception on the Ajax singleton seems not to be raised correctly when instanciating a store object. (The other events...
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