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    Price drop 20% on Amazon.
  2. OK, I wasn't sure. :))
  3. There's no error if you set the store in the constructor.

    constructor : function(config) {
    config = config | {}; = new;
  4. Ignore and close this ticket. I incorrectly set majorTickSteps.
  5. If I remove the renderer, I see the following chart.

    I don't wan't to see the axis lines at some arbitrary points: 1.3 and 2.7.

    I'd like these lines to be at the 1.0 and 2.0 values after the...
  6. See this simple fiddle fiddle.

    After 6 secs I reset the axis extremes:

    Initial extremes:
    minimum: -2,
    maximum: 3,
    majorTickSteps: 5,

    After reset:
  7. Change the value to .0004 in your example and it won't work.

    Also, it works in the older Ext Charts.


    I added a feature request before suggesting that minColumnHeight config should...
  8. See the fiddle... the series tooltip is not displayed for the .004 value, but it's displayed for .04.

    Also.... and this might be a feature request, the series tooltip should be shown when the...
  9. I'm pretty sure the Component.getController doc is not correct. This method always returns a controller instance (not config object or a string).
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    I believe the "simple rule" comment is misleading and it should be removed.

    "You are correct: 'Ext.create' is slower than 'new'. Its chief benefit is for situations where the class name is a...
  11. Is there a way to turn off this feature?

    I'd prefer if Cmd didn't try to parse and "understand" my code an then add the missing requires into the the build.

    I'd rather see error messages...
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    It's going to be two more weeks, not two months.

    ExtJS 5.1.1 is on final approach and will be available by May 14th (maybe sooner).
  13. I'd like to point out a few problems with the storechange event. I'm assuming this event is public.
    Document the storechange event.
    Add me (chart) as the 1st param.
    The event should also fire...
  14. I'd like to point out that the Ext.GlobalEvents singleton is inconsistently required in Ext JS.

    This singleton is required by some classes that use it, but there are a few classes that use it and...
  15. Can the ticket be reopened since there are other examples or should I create a new ticket?
  16. You can visually inspect the issue. Some classes requires the GlobalEvents singleton and some don't. Either they all should require GlobalEvents or this singleton should not to be required at all....
  17. Then they also should be documented as private, and they are in a few cases.

    Speaking from my own experience event documentation is very helpful when working with MVC applications.
  18. beforeprefetch is also not doc'd.
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    This is not too obvious. Is it possible to add a button similar to the Link button to embed a fiddle?
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    Typo: Highst --> Highest

    Ext.Number = (new function() { // jshint ignore:line
    // @define Ext.lang.Number
    // @define Ext.Number
    * Returns a random integer between...
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    Looks like a bug, but this fiddle works.

    Also, unless you subclass the MenuItem class, I'd recommend setting up the view controller on the menu. You probably want to avoid creating a view...
  22. I think there's still some inconsistency. I pasted Ext JS 6 code fragments for illustration.

    Both Component and Global use Ext.GlobalEvents, but only Global requires it.

    Why Ext.GlobalEvents...
  23. This is a doc issue.

    It's great that these tooltip text configs were added, but AFAICT they are not just used by screen readers, but are just regular tooltips displayed on mouseover.
  24. See how the findParentByType method cross-references the up method.

    * Find a container above this component at any level by xtype or class
    * See also the {@link...
  25. This is a documentation issue.

    The Component findPlugin and getPlugin methods should be cross-referenced because they are very similar. Just add the sentence: "See also [...] method" in each...
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