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  1. Is ExtJS 3.x deprecated or will a fix for be available too?
  2. Ext version tested:

    Ext 3.4

    Adapter used:
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    I am having the same problem in IE8. I haven't digged through the call stack, since it takes forever in IE Dev tools. I have tried to set a height on the tree (even though I have a fit-layout on the...
  4. It didn't work for me. Inspecting the resulting set of CSS parameters showed me that everything works fine if I add

    position: relative

    to the DIV containing the FieldSets.

    I don't know...
  5. I am having some problems with Internet Explorer. I have a Window with one Fieldset containing a few Components - all ExtJS elements.

    The window is resizable and I want the scrollbars to...
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    If you search this forum, you would have found lots of answers to build on.

    Animal has made an extension you can use: Here
  7. I have a TreeNode item with a checkbox.

    When I double click the node (not the checkbox), the dblClick event is called which calls the checkToggle method which checks/unchecks the...
  8. I have a combobox with a store that I manually updates. The store is updated from a out-of-house JSON webservice that does not provide the result as how ExtJS wants it. Thus I perform an AJAX request...
  9. I have a button-menu structure like this:

    container (layout: 'anchor'):
  10. I have a menu associated with a button. When I have the menu open and I click anywhere in my application, the menu disappears - except when I click in my OpenLayers map. This leaves the menu open...
  11. Maybe? Definitely :)

    Thanks a lot Condor, you have made my day much better ;)
  12. Hi Condor, that actually works. I would though prefer if the inner contents (the labels and the input) could be the source of the height instead of me specifying it directly in the container. - Is...
  13. Ofcourse you are right and a more simple code I get:

    xtype: 'button',
    menu: {
    xtype: 'menu',
    plain: true,
    layout: 'vbox',
    layoutConfig: {
    align: 'stretch',
  14. ExtJS:
    I have a button where I want to associate a menu. I want to define the layout of the menu myself, and from what I gather from the documentation, the layout can be specified directly.
  15. And now it seems to be offline again :)
  16. @laurentParis: You are quite right and thanks for your answer. I am curious thought, why does it work without me specifying a layout? And what layout does it defaults to?

    I was under the...
  17. I'm trying to get the scrollbars to appear when resizing my window to be smaller than the size of the contents.

    The images show the window before and after I resize the window:


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    @Condor, @Animal: Thanks for your thoughts. I will try to see if I can find some time to dig up this subject again :)
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    @flavouski: No sadly enough. I'm working on improving my javascript skills, so that I might one day rewrite TreeGrid to suit my needs.

    But I would use it if I understood how to ;)
  20. Hi!

    We wonder if any of you have experienced this:

    We are trying to create an application using Ext 3.2, OpenLayers 2.9.1 and GeoExt 0.6.

    When viewing the application in FF and IE 7+, it...
  21. I am trying to use the TreePanel with a .NET WebService in the same way as in the ExtJS example:

    According to the TreeLoader API...
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    I haven't checked if a bug report was made, but I think the problem still resides in ExtJs 3.1.1.

    It is easy to work around using a custom css entry:

    float: none...
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    I have taken this very simple piece of Ext code from an old thread:

    id: 'mycomp',
    xtype: 'box',
    autoEl: { cn: 'Some static HTML' }
    }I would like to dynamically update...
  24. I had a look at the code behind the Ext.get(...), which seems to respond differently according to the argument it recieves. But still it cannot handle the component I give it. This was actually why I...
  25. Hi Animal. Thanks for again pointing me to one of the methods in the huge amount of possibilities in the documentation :">

    It works great. One thing though: In your example you use Ext.getBody(),...
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