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    I was using a left,top animation for an image that was working fine. After updating to Cordova 2.2 and Sencha 2.1rc2 I found that the left and top animations don't work. In the following example, if...
  2. If I use iphone 5.0 simulator:
    Launch image (introduction image) is in portrait mode when it should be in landscape mode. App looks correct.

    If I use ipad 5.1 simulator:
    Everything's ok

  3. My app launches in portrait mode instead of in landscape mode when running in io6 simulator. Doesn't happen when running in ios5 simulator.

    Wasn't this fixed in Sencha 2.1 ?

    I'm using...
  4. Hi !
    I'm fighting too with Cordova & Sencha. Just one question, where does 'lib/sencha-touch-2.1.0-rc2/src'; point to? to the app.js?

    Just one more thing erchan, could you please send me a...
  5. I have found this comment around the web, could it help?

    Is Sencha Touch 2.1 b3 compatible with Cordova 1.9 or 2.1? When I tried the combination, it has a problem loading the view even. If I...
  6. The error related to the .json was because there was a //comment in the file ¿¿¿¿ is this normal ???? (:| It does work with previous versions.

    Anyway, it is still not working (white screen)...
  7. Hi again mitchellsimoens, not quite sure what remote debugger can I use (any suggestion will be much appreciated). What I have discovered by running the app in the safari browser is this message:

  8. I have found that the new Sencha 2.1 update is incompatible with Cordova 2.0. Can't give much more info: The same app with Sencha 2.0 works with the Cordova library while, if update to 2.1, it stops...
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    oh,oh, it has to do with cordova.2.0.js..... :((
    ¿Anyone else? I would like not to update it...
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    This is crazy, I finally decided to use the 2.1 rc to fix the ios 6.0 compatibility !#%&! and my app has stop working.

    I'm not using native packaging or similar, I was just referencing the...
  11. Yes it does, I would just highlight that the problem is wider as many things are transformed with the -webkit-transform. As I previously said: Flip, Scale, Rotate..

  12. The problem is that the draggable class overrides the current -webkit-transform of the object. This is quite bad for objects that are being rotated, scaled, etc with -webkit-transform...

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    I found the problem, draggable class overrides the current -webkit-transform:

    domStyle.webkitTransform = 'translate3d(' + x + 'px, ' + y + 'px, 0px)';

    I broke my brain trying to fix this,...
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    Hi all !

    I am flipping an image:

    elemFlip.element.setStyle('-webkit-transform', 'scaleX(-1)');

    and also rotating it:
  15. I have found something strange, if I set the top and left of the image I can only drag the image in the area that starts from the top and left defined for the image.

    var newElem =...
  16. Hi. I've got a viewport. Inside the viewport I have added a draggable image, the problem is that it is only draggable within the viewport and I want to be able to drop it outside the viewport, is it...
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    The elemBoxObj is an image component:

    var elemBoxObj = Ext.create('Ext.Img', {
    src: './images/boxesElems/box1.png',
    id:'elemBoxObj', ...
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    I am trying to get the position of the tap event and I need it to be in a later "ontap" declaration... no luck.. can someone help?

    Ext.getCmp('elemBoxObj').on('tap', function(ev) {
  19. Ok, got it: Ext.anim.
  20. Well, that's the question, how would you move a sencha element defining the duration of the movement?

    Thanks a lot
  21. I thought it was the default behavior.

    It happens me in two situations:
    In a panel like this:

    xtype: 'panel',
    scrollable: true,
  22. No, I'm not trying to disable scrolling. What I try to say is that when I stop scrolling instead of keeping the panel,carousel or else in the position where I stopped scrolling, it automatically...
  23. Hi all,

    Does anyone know if it is easy to disable the functionality of returning back to the beginning of a scrollable element (panel, carousel, etc). I would like to freeze the element in the...
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    Definitely the panel is not updating although its value does.

    I attach a simple example where, following the instructions, I try to refresh a Panels content when touching an element of the list....
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    Yes, 2.0

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