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  1. I have a page that uses various FormPanels and has about 100 fields scattered across 10 or so FormPanels. The render speed of that page on Firefox 3, Vista, 2.2Ghz dual core w/ 4G of memory takes...
  2. I did use a FormData() instance.
  3. This still doesn't work for me using the latest from SVN as of Wednesday 18th. I have code as follows:

    FormPanel form = new FormPanel();
  4. Yes, sorry. I'm using GWT 1.5 RC1 and GXT Beta 4.
  5. I'm trying to use GXT 1.0 Beta 4, but everytime I try to use a ContentPanel, I get internal compiler errors. The code in question looks like:

    ContentPanel panel = new ContentPanel();...
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    Nevermind, after increasing the amount of heap memory for the GWT compiler things work as they should. Although, to be fair, it would be nice if IntelliJ/GWT had some type of error/warning to hint at...
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    I've inherited a web project that is done in IntelliJ and GWT 1.5 RC1. I'm new to both the IntelliJ and to GWT, so this may be a simple case of user-error.

    I'm trying to use Gxt and I've done the...
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