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    rejjy1980: did you ever solve this issue? I'm experiencing the same behaviour.
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    I'm having a similar issue. I use Architect and do most of the development for our app, and my partner does his work in resources/sass, but since the upgrade to Architect 3, our custom theme CSS no...
  3. Unfortunately it looks like your trick won't work in Sencha Touch (there is no secret second argument to "remove" as there is in Ext JS). Here's how I achieved the goal. This works in Sencha Touch...
  4. I used Architect to add Weinre as a JavaScript resource. Doing so added the following lines to app.json in my project folder, inside the js​ array.

  5. I'm working in a new Architect 3 project with Phonegap enabled via Sencha Cmd 4 (sencha phonegap init). The app builds and simulates fine from the command line (sencha app build -run native), but in...
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